8trade no code marketplace builder

8trade is a cutting-edge no-code cloud solution crafted to empower users in launching and operating subscription-based marketplaces. It’s designed with the intent to stimulate and facilitate various businesses, communities, and organizations that can thrive with a marketplace ecosystem.

Key Features

  • Flexibility in Marketplace Design: Users have the option to create various marketplace models like Horizontal (selling a range of products) or Vertical (specializing in a single category), Open (accessible to the public) or Closed (exclusive to members), and Paid or Free marketplaces.
  • B2B Trade Integration: A platform that facilitates onboarding various stakeholders such as sellers, buyers, merchants, and more, matching them based on their unique needs.
  • Comprehensive Management Tools: An all-in-one platform with features ranging from listings management to a robust user moderation system.
  • Monetization Opportunities: Allows marketplace owners to earn through subscriptions, offering users a chance to heighten their engagement and uncover new business opportunities.
  • Customization: From basic marketplace settings like logo and slogan to more intricate details such as pinning favorite categories and creating subscription plans.
  • User-Centric Features: Tools for member verification, blocking, category attribute creation, and more.
  • Other Features: Stripe integration for seamless subscription payments, multi-lingual support, and the capability to make announcements.

Use Cases

  • Business and B2B Platforms: Transform LinkedIn or Facebook business groups into efficient B2B marketplaces, facilitating seamless trade among sellers, buyers, merchants, and other stakeholders.
  • Community-driven Marketplaces: Create platforms for local residents to support small businesses, or develop specialized trade spaces tailored to specific community needs.
  • Organizational Portals: Digitalize chambers of commerce and non-profit organizations, offering member management, news dissemination, and trade opportunities in a centralized space.
  • Monetization and Customization: Leverage the platform’s flexibility to monetize through subscriptions, and design marketplaces with unique features, ranging from closed, exclusive platforms to open public ones.


  • Pro Plan at $119.99 per month: Catering to a maximum of 1,350 buyers/sellers with unlimited listings.
  • Enterprise: Aimed at platforms with more than 1,350 buyers/sellers, and provides unlimited listings.
  • Custom Solutions: Tailored to larger-scale businesses, non-profits, or those with specific requirements.

8trade also offers a 1-month free trial with access to all features to let users experience the platform before committing.

User Experience

Launching a marketplace with 8trade is as easy as filling out a basic form and hitting the ‘create’ button. Its user-friendly interface coupled with a host of tools ensures smooth operation and management, making it suitable for both novices and veterans in the no-code marketplace realm.

Customer Support

8trade provides support through email. Additionally, they maintain a blog which could be a rich resource for tips, tricks, and updates.


8trade integrates seamlessly with Stripe, allowing marketplace owners to easily manage subscription fees.