Amplitude No Code Analytics Tool

Amplitude is an advanced analytics platform tailored to provide in-depth product insights. It facilitates a deeper understanding of customer behaviors, allowing businesses to take effective actions and promote growth. The platform is designed to streamline the integration of analytics with product strategies, making it easier for organizations to transition from other analytics platforms like GA4 to Amplitude.

Key Features

  • Integrated A/B Testing: Plan, launch, and roll out A/B tests seamlessly, utilizing its in-depth product analytics capabilities.
  • Customer Data Platform Integration: The only analytics tool with native integration to Customer Data Platforms, making audience lists building and customer profile streaming straightforward across different tools.
  • Powerful Audience Segmentation: Create audience segments using first-party data for product personalization.
  • Data Ecosystem Connection: Effortlessly connect data across applications, servers, tools, and warehouses.

Use Cases

  • Monitoring user journeys and drop-off points within apps.
  • Running A/B tests to see which features or changes increase user engagement.
  • Tracking key performance metrics, such as DAU (Daily Active Users) and MAU (Monthly Active Users).
  • Identifying trends and patterns in user behavior.
  • Investigating and resolving issues related to product performance.

Pros and Cons


  • Comprehensive dashboard with customizable data visualization.
  • Real-time data updates allow quick responses to shifts in user behavior.
  • Offers robust data export and integration capabilities.


  • Can be overwhelming for beginners due to its wide range of features.
  • Slightly steeper learning curve compared to some other analytics tools.
  • Premium features may be pricey for startups and smaller companies.


Amplitude offers a range of pricing plans to suit different business needs. Here are the details of their pricing plans:

  • Starter: This plan is free and includes up to 10 million monthly events. It provides access to core analytics charts, advanced collaboration, data planning tools, unlimited data sources and destinations, and unlimited users.
  • Growth: This paid plan starts at $995 per month and includes up to 100 million monthly events. It provides everything in the Starter plan, plus advanced behavioral analytics, behavioral cohorts, 5 automatic syncs to third-party destinations, single sign-on (SSO), onboarding support, and customer success.
  • Enterprise: This plan starts at $2000 per month and includes 0-10 billion+ monthly events. It provides everything in the Growth plan, plus data governance at scale, root cause analysis, real-time monitoring, dedicated CSM, causal insights & monitoring, advanced permissions and password protected links. You can contact sales to decide on the scale and price.

Amplitude also offers a Scholarship Program for early-stage startups with under $5M in funding and fewer than 20 employees. These startups can receive one free year on their Growth plan.

Additionally, Amplitude has a Tech for Black Founders Program for US-based startups with a Black co-founder, under $30M in funding, and fewer than 150 employees. These startups can receive their Growth plan for free.

You can check out their pricing page for more information about each plan to make the best decision for your business.

User Experience

Amplitude offers a clean and modern interface. While the range of features may be intimidating for first-timers, the design is intuitive for those familiar with analytics tools. However, newcomers might require some time and training to fully harness the platform’s capabilities.

Customer Support

Amplitude offers a range of support options including email assistance, a comprehensive Help Center, and an educational Academy for deeper insights and training.

Community and Learning Resources

Users can benefit from Amplitude’s Blog, which shares best practices in product analytics, a vibrant Community for networking and idea exchange, and a Resource Library packed with strategies to foster product growth.

Security and Reliability

Amplitude is committed to data privacy and adheres to GDPR, CCPA, and other global data protection regulations. They offer enterprise-grade security features, including data encryption, SSO (Single Sign-On), and regular third-party audits.


Amplitude can integrate across a vast data ecosystem, including applications, servers, and tools. It also facilitates the activation of audiences in various marketing tools and allows for data export to a warehouse of one’s choice.