AppMaster App Builder App Builder is a powerful AI-driven platform enabling users to create complex mobile and web applications without coding. Designed for both engineers and non-technical individuals, it offers a suite of visual editing tools for crafting full-featured software, including backend, customizable frontend, and advanced native applications. Ideal for internal tools and customer-facing solutions, simplifies the development process while maintaining professional standards.

Key Features

  • Real AI-generated Backend: Pure code-generation with best practices and no humans involved.
  • Source Code Included: AI-driven development with no technical debt.
  • Visual Editing Tools: Create applications without a single line of code.
  • Developer Partner Program: Earn rewards by creating apps for customers.
  • Native Mobile Applications Builder: Drag and drop elements for mobile app creation.
  • Data Models Designer: Build data models easily, with everything else handled by the platform’s AI.
  • Business Process Editor: Visually create complex business processes.
  • Cross-Platform Support: Build apps for Android, iOS, and the web.

Use Cases

  • Internal Tools: For operations, customer support, sales, IT teams.
  • Customer-Facing Solutions: May require additional tools to cover all needs.
  • Complex Software Solutions: Backend, customizable frontend, and native mobile applications.

Pros and Cons


  • AI-driven, ensuring efficient code generation.
  • Supports complex business logic.
  • One-click export of full source code.
  • Suitable for non-technical users as well as professionals.


  • Not ideal for simple mobile apps or small websites.
  • May require additional tools for some customer-facing solutions.

Pricing provides four pricing tiers:

  • Platform Exploration: FREE, including 2 web apps, 1 mobile app, 1 project, and up to 5 installed modules.
  • Startup: $165/month (billed yearly), with 2 web apps, 1 mobile app, 3 projects, up to 5 installed modules, and deployment capabilities.
  • Business: $855/month (billed yearly), offering 3 web apps, 2 mobile apps, 5 projects, up to 10 installed modules, external API design, and more.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing, unlimited apps and projects, 24/7 support, and extensive features including backend source code and database export.

You can check out their pricing page for more information about each plan to make the best decision for your business.

User Experience

The visual editing tools enable a hassle-free creation process. It takes an engineer about twenty minutes to understand AppMaster’s concepts and a few more hours for it to feel natural.

Customer Support

AppMaster provides email and phone support to accounts with a Business Plan or higher and prioritized help for Enterprise accounts. Community support is also available with any subscription.

Community and Learning Resources

AppMaster offers various learning resources including a University, Blog, News section, Community, and Documentation.

Security and Reliability complies with standard security measures, ensuring that sensitive data is handled with care. Their infrastructure guarantees reliable performance.


AppMaster integrates with numerous tools such as push notifications, social authentication, email, etc. It also allows content access programmatically with an API.


AppMaster is more suited for complex software solutions compared to tools like Glide, Bubble, Softr, or WIX, which are geared towards simpler web or mobile apps without extensive business logic.