Bright Data

Bright Data Web Scraping Tool

Bright Data offers award-winning web data extraction services. Its platform is designed to turn websites into structured data, featuring powerful web scrapers and providing ready-to-use datasets for users. Branded as the world’s #1 web data platform, it offers multiple avenues to gather the essential data users require, ranging from pre-assembled datasets to custom solutions tailored to specific needs.

Key Features

  • Web Scraper IDE: Enables users to swiftly build scrapers using pre-existing templates for well-known websites.
  • Scraping Browser: A Playwright/Puppeteer-compatible browser with inherent actions to unblock websites.
  • Web Unlocker: An API designed to manage all website unblocking activities where browsers might not be necessary.
  • SERP API: An API tailored for scraping and parsing search engine results.
  • Diverse Proxy Types: Including Residential, ISP, Datacenter, and Mobile proxies with vast global coverage.
  • Proxy Infrastructure: With over 72 million IPs, this award-winning proxy network can target any country, city, carrier, and ASN, making it developers’ first choice.

Use Cases

  • eCommerce: Real-time eCommerce data tracking for insights on product offerings, pricing strategies, and consumer sentiments.
  • Finance: Aggregation of reliable financial data to identify investment opportunities and analyze company portfolios.
  • Travel: Price comparisons, customer travel trends monitoring, and forecasting travel industry shifts.
  • Market Research: Deep insights into target audiences, market trends prediction, and product enhancements.
  • Data for Good: The Bright Initiative offers pro-bono access to its technologies for NGOs, NPOs, universities, and public entities.
  • Data Security: Monitor online threats, combat internet attacks, conduct penetration tests, and maintain real-time visibility over the web.
  • Insurance: Enhance underwriting decisions, policy comparisons, and combat fraud.
  • Healthcare: Advancement in public health, drug and medical equipment price comparisons.
  • Real Estate: Data collection to predict market trends and optimize investments.
  • Lead Generation: Data collection for effective sales targeting.
  • Social Media for Marketing: Campaign enhancement, trend prediction, and understanding customer journeys.
  • AdTech: Brand protection, ad verification, and real-time ad intelligence.

Pros and Cons


  • Comprehensive and structured datasets.
  • Offers multiple tools to fit varied web scraping needs.
  • Reliable proxy infrastructure with global coverage.


  • The platform may seem complex for first-time users given its myriad of features.
  • Pricing might be a concern for smaller businesses or individual users.


Bright Data offers a free trial to test their services but it is only for registered companies.

Bright Data offers a variety of pricing plans for different types of users. Costs vary depending on the tools and software features that you want to use.

  • Proxy Networks: Priced competitively starting at $10.13/GB, ensuring high-performing proxies tailored for industry demands.
  • Web Scraper IDE: This feature-rich environment designed for swift scraper development is available starting at just $2.70/CPM.
  • Scraping Browser: Enhance your scraping with a specialized browser equipped with built-in website unblocking features, all starting at $13.50/GB.
  • SERP API: Streamline search engine scraping with the SERP API, priced accessibly from $2.03/CPM.
  • Datasets: Obtain structured datasets catered to a variety of use cases, priced at a mere $0.001 per record.

You can check out their pricing page for more information about each plan to make the best decision for your business.

User Experience

The platform is designed for both novices and experts. While beginners might face a slight learning curve, the platform’s rich documentation and resources make it easier. For those familiar with web scraping, the tool provides a powerful suite to enhance and streamline the data extraction process.

Bright Data provides an all-encompassing platform, catering to various data scraping needs. Whether you’re looking to unlock websites, scrape search engines, or get structured data, Bright Data has the tools and infrastructure to assist.

Customer Support

They provide comprehensive support via phone and email. Customers can expect responses in under 10 minutes on average, and the 24/7 support ensures assistance is always at hand.

Community and Learning Resources

Bright Data offers a rich collection of resources including a Blog, Documentation, Case Studies, Webinars, an FAQ section, and a Web Data Masterclass where experts share their insights and best practices.

Security and Reliability

Bright Data emphasizes security, particularly in the domain of public web data. Their infrastructure is noted for its reliability, ensuring uninterrupted operations. The platform is specifically highlighted for providing real-time visibility over the public domain and for its tools in combating online threats.


With tools like the Scraping Browser, Web Scraper IDE, SERP API, and Web Unlocker, integration into existing workflows becomes seamless. Their tools are designed to cater to a wide array of web scraping requirements.

To further enhance integration ease, Bright Data extends Software Development Kits (SDKs) across numerous programming languages. This ensures businesses can embed Bright Data’s solutions into their systems without a hitch. Additionally, they also have integrations for popular third-party platforms and tools.


Some other tools that can serve as alternatives to Bright Data include:

Bright Data emerges as a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking efficient web scraping solutions. Its diverse toolset, reliable proxy network, and commitment to customer satisfaction make it a top choice in the industry.