Calconic No Code Calculator Builders

Calconic is a dynamic calculator builder that allows users to create interactive calculators for their websites. With a selection of templates and a user-friendly interface, users can design a calculator from scratch without any programming knowledge. These calculators can serve various purposes, from simple arithmetic operations to complex business estimations.

Key Features

  • WYSIWYG Calculator Editor: A user-friendly editor that allows for drag and drop customization, ensuring your calculator looks and functions exactly how you want.
  • Order Form Tool: Collect customer details, set dates, and receive email alerts when orders are submitted, turning your calculator into a lead generation asset.
  • Payment Integration: Seamlessly connect with PayPal to turn your calculator into an e-commerce tool, enabling direct payments on your website.
  • Mail Results: Users can receive calculator results in their email, with customization options available. This feature is also a valuable tool for building a subscribers list.
  • Friendly Formula Editor: Simplified formula creation with a range of mathematical operations, logical operators, and conditional formatting.
  • Conditional Element Visibility: Display specific input fields or components based on certain conditions, enhancing user interaction.
  • Custom Design: Ensure your calculator aligns with your website’s aesthetics with custom design features or select from pre-made themes.
  • Embedding Options: With Object Embed, Iframe, Pop-up, or Sharable link, you can incorporate Calconic interactive calculators on platforms such as Shopify, Webflow, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, and WordPress.
  • Templates & Themes: Choose from a variety of customizable templates and design themes.
  • Elements: A wide range of fields and elements like Slider, Formula, Radio Button, Checkbox, Order Form, Payment Button, Mail Results, Select Field, Numeric Input Field, Text Input Field, Information Box, Gauge, and Text Gauge.

Use Cases

  • Lead Generation: Offer calculated results via email to visitors and simultaneously receive a copy, capturing potential customer information.
  • E-commerce: Allow visitors to determine the price of products or services and make direct payments on your site using PayPal.
  • Engagement: Engage visitors by providing them tools to estimate product prices, calculate savings, or determine order quantities.
  • Online Ordering: Convert price estimators into ordering tools, collecting customer details and sending alerts when orders are placed.
  • Interactive Content: Create various tests like personality, career, and love tests to engage and interact with website visitors.

Pros and Cons


  • Intuitive interface with drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Extensive customization and design options.
  • Payment and order form integration for business applications.
  • Diverse formula and element options for various calculator types.


  • Free plan might have limitations for businesses with higher impressions.
  • Requires some time to understand and utilize all features fully.


  • Free Plan: Calconic offers a completely free plan, which allows users to have up to 5 active calculators and grants them 500 impressions every month.
  • Light Plan: For small businesses, there’s the Light Plan priced at $5 per month. Subscribers to this plan can utilize 10 active calculators, receive 3,000 impressions per month, and are allocated 750 email notifications monthly.
  • Regular Plan: Targeted towards growing businesses, the Regular Plan comes at a monthly cost of $14. It includes 20 active calculators, allows for 15,000 impressions, and provides 3,000 email notifications every month.
  • Bold Plan: For those seeking extensive features without limitations, CALCONIC has the Bold Plan priced at $44 per month. Subscribers to this plan can access an unlimited number of active calculators and benefit from 75,000 impressions and 15,000 email notifications each month.

You can check out their pricing page for more information about each plan to make the best decision for your business.

User Experience

Calconic’s platform is designed for usability, enabling users to build and integrate calculators with ease. The WYSIWYG editor, coupled with various templates, makes the design process streamlined. The platform is also responsive, ensuring a consistent experience across devices.

Customer Support

Calconic provides a comprehensive knowledge base with tutorials and FAQs. In addition to this, they offer email support, and premium users might have access to more immediate forms of assistance.


Calconic offers robust integration options, particularly with its Zapier compatibility. This allows users to connect the calculator with apps like Slack, Salesforce, and Google Spreadsheet, enhancing workflow automation.