Comnoco no code backend

Comnoco is a revolutionary no-code platform that allows users to build robust backends using a visual programming language. Catered to both no-code developers and engineers, it simplifies backend development processes and provides seamless connections to various databases, frontends, and APIs.

Key Features

  • Visual Programming Language: Offers a drag-and-drop interface for building applications, making it simpler and faster than traditional coding.
  • Build with Blocks: Enables users to construct processes as reusable functions by adding blocks to a flowchart-like structure.
  • Instant Connectors: Provides swift integration capabilities with tools like Supabase, Airtable, and more without needing to delve into API specifications.
  • Typed Blocks: Ensures compatibility by only offering options that are pertinent at each step, reducing the chance of mistakes.
  • State Visualization: Provides real-time views of data state changes, allowing users to see JSON and database records in an organized, hierarchical manner.
  • Transactional Functions: Facilitates the creation of transactional emails and dynamic business documents, combining the familiarity of platforms like MS Word with Comnoco’s powerful features.
  • Serverless Deployment: Users can deploy APIs instantly without writing code, benefiting from automated API specification generation and webhook listening.
  • Database Flexibility: Instead of locking users into a specific database, Comnoco permits connection to various databases, including third-party authentication solutions.
  • Collaborative Environment: Allows for free addition of users, with options to restrict access based on teams and organize into different projects.

Use Cases

  • Deploying serverless APIs without writing code.
  • Building e-commerce platforms with integrated payment systems.
  • Designing and launching business websites with customizable features.
  • Creation of data-heavy applications with dynamic reporting tools.
  • Developing interactive community forums or blogs.


Comnoco operates with a fair and affordable pricing model, starting free and scaling according to business needs. Pricing is based on “runs,” bandwidth, and team size, ensuring flexibility for different users. Dedicated server options and private cloud hosting are available on their enterprise tier. Note: Pricing is still in beta and is subject to change.

User Experience

A primary objective of Comnoco is to be intuitive and guide users throughout the building process. It is designed not just for non-technical users but also for technical professionals, ensuring a broad appeal. Even those unfamiliar with coding can quickly adapt and start building.

Customer Support

Comnoco offers a comprehensive knowledge base to assist users with troubleshooting and learning. Additionally, they provide email support for more direct inquiries and personalized assistance.

Community and Learning Resources

  • Documentation: Detailed Comnoco documentation.
  • Guides: Practical how-to guides for various features.
  • Video Tutorials: An assortment of video guides for visual learners.
  • Forum: An interactive space for community discussions, queries, and shared learning.

Security and Reliability

Comnoco prioritizes security at an enterprise level. While the platform stores the generated code for functions, users’ business data remains untouched on their servers. It utilizes Hashicorp Vault for storing secrets and boasts end-to-end encryption to safeguard data during transit. All function executions (“runs”) are carried out in a sandboxed environment, ensuring data integrity.


Comnoco stands out with its integration capabilities. Whether it’s databases like Supabase or Airtable, or frontend tools like WeWeb or Bubble, the platform can integrate seamlessly. Additionally, it employs an OpenAPI importer, allowing users to swiftly build functions and connect to various available API endpoints.