DataCake no code iot tool

DataCake is a versatile, low-code IoT platform tailored for businesses of all sizes. With its white label capability, it allows enterprises to launch custom IoT applications effortlessly. The platform emphasizes user-friendliness, ensuring even individuals without programming knowledge can harness the power of IoT to boost their business revenue, minimize costs, and secure a market advantage.

Key Features

  • All-In-One Sensor Management: Easily manage a few to hundreds of IoT sensors.
  • LoRaWAN Compatibility: Works seamlessly with major LoRaWAN network servers and offers templates for prevalent devices.
  • Industrial IoT Solutions: Enables real-time dashboards, data logging, condition monitoring, and data analytics.
  • Building Management: Integrate floor plans to give clients a clear picture of on-site conditions.
  • Metering: Visualize meter readings and compare consumption metrics.
  • Asset Tracking: Real-time tracking of IoT assets using online maps.
  • Alerting and Automation: A robust rule engine to set up alerts via SMS, email, and webhook calls.
  • Device Integration: Connect IoT devices via MQTT, Webhook, and GraphQL.
  • White Label / OEM: Present DataCake as your own solution by linking to your domain, custom logo, and using multi-tenancy features.
  • Cloud Hosted Node-RED: Deploy a managed Node-RED version within a click.

Use Cases

  • Industrial Solutions: Monitor conditions, log data, and analyze it in real-time.
  • Fill Level Monitoring: Detect water levels in various settings, including flood alerting and garbage container level detection.
  • Building Management: Monitor conditions of buildings using uploaded images and sensor placement.
  • Metering: Record and visualize meter readings.
  • Asset Tracking: Track the real-time position of IoT assets and view historical routes.
  • Business Enterprise: Using multi-tenancy and workspaces for collaboration.


  • Free Service: The first 5 devices are free. This includes every feature plus unlimited users, unlimited workspaces and no per user fees.
  • Self-Service (Pay-as-you-Go): This option operates on a pay-as-you-go model and is ideal for customers who have low volumes, up to 20 devices. You only pay for the services you use. It starts at 1€ per month. However, please note that features such as White Label, Rules Engine, etc., are not included in the base price and will be billed separately if you decide to avail of them.
  • Pricing Packages (Priced from 100€ per month): For businesses operating on a larger scale with more than 20 devices, the Packages option is the most cost-effective choice. With Packages, you benefit from volume discounts and have access to a suite of features including White Label, Rules Engine, and much more, all included at no extra cost.

You can check out their pricing page for more information about each plan to make the best decision for your business.

User Experience

Designed with the end-user in mind, DataCake simplifies the process of creating custom IoT applications without the need for advanced technical knowledge. Its intuitive dashboard and user interface make it easy to get started and scale as required.

Customer Support

DataCake offers a comprehensive support system including E-Mail, Live Chat, Slack, and Monthly Update Calls. They also maintain a regularly updated blog to assist users.

Security and Reliability

DataCake offers SSL/TLS encryption for data transmission. The platform ensures the safety and integrity of the data with routine backups and secure data storage practices.


DataCake offers deep integration with LoRaWAN and supports other integrations like MQTT, Webhook, and GraphQL. This ensures a broad range of devices and services can connect effortlessly.