Web Scraping Tool is a robust cloud-based web scraping tool that allows users to extract valuable data from the web. Dexi offers digital commerce intelligence by transforming websites into actionable data. Aimed at brands, retailers, and data-driven organizations, Dexi is tailored to enhance sales, optimize pricing, expand shelf share, and gather insights across a wide range of parameters.

Key Features

  • Automated Data Capture: Dexi’s robots simulate human browsing behaviors to transform websites into game-changing data without detection, ensuring seamless and uninterrupted data extraction.
  • Price & Promotion Analytics: Benchmark your product catalog against competitors, capturing every promotional detail from banners to ads.
  • Product Availability Monitoring: Stay on top of stock levels and assortment of essential items, ensuring optimized sales opportunities.
  • Comprehensive Customer Insights: Understand your brand from your customer’s viewpoint, tracking social sentiments, ratings, and reviews from all online sources.
  • Category and Location-Based Analytics: Gain real-time insights customized to your KPIs, from category specifics to location-based growth opportunities.
  • Content & Compliance Checks: Ensure that online content aligns with brand guidelines and remains compelling across all sales platforms.
  • Integration and Customization: A robust API with powerful process automation capabilities for complex, high-volume data projects, ensuring adaptability and integration into any data ecosystem.

Use Cases

  • Brands and Retailers: Analyzing competitive landscapes, optimizing pricing, ensuring stock availability, and understanding customer sentiment.
  • Marketing and E-commerce Teams: Gaining insights from category, location-based, and content analytics.
  • Data-driven Organizations: For bespoke analytics built around essential KPIs.

Pros and Cons


  • Rigorous validation ensures the data is reliable.
  • Enables building and scaling projects with a single solution, ensuring comprehensive data capture.
  • Bespoke data provision, allowing organizations to break free from preset limitations.


  • Complexity for beginners.
  • Potential costs for high-volume projects.


  • Trial: This plan is free and lets users take a test drive of the platform. It includes 1.5 hours of data extraction, unlimited robots, platform access, and live support, making it an excellent option for those wanting to explore the tool’s capabilities without any financial commitment.
  • Standard: Targeted toward users looking to build complex data projects, this plan provides ~1M pages per year, unlimited robots, platform access, and email support. The exact cost isn’t explicitly mentioned and interested users need to contact the company for detailed pricing.
  • Corporate: This plan expands user reach with features like ~3M pages per year, account management, and more. The specifics of the pricing, again, require users to get in touch with
  • Enterprise: Tailored for large-scale web data strategies, it offers ~8M pages per year, dedicated account and project management, and more. Pricing details are available upon request.

It’s worth noting that while provides a clear breakdown of features in each plan, the exact pricing for plans is not directly stated on their platform, requiring potential customers to contact them for details.

You can check out their pricing page for more information about each plan to make the best decision for your business.

User Experience boasts a user-friendly interface, although it might take some time for complete beginners to get the hang of it. The tool provides a visual builder, making the data extraction setup process smoother once users are accustomed to it.

Customer Support provides comprehensive customer assistance through live support and email, ensuring users receive timely help and guidance when navigating the platform.

Community and Learning Resources offers a wealth of learning materials, including a detailed knowledge base for new users, documentation for deeper insights, and success stories to showcase real-world applications and benefits of their platform.

Security and Reliability employs data capture robots that mimic human behavior to avoid detection, ensuring data continuity without gaps. A robust API and automation tools handle high-volume data projects without requiring developers.

Integration supports integration with numerous third-party tools and platforms, including data storage solutions and analytics tools. This makes it easier for users to push the scraped data to their desired destination.