Diffbot Web Scraping Tool

Diffbot is an advanced web data extraction tool that transforms the internet into a structured database, allowing applications to access web data seamlessly. It employs sophisticated machine learning techniques to sift through the code of billions of public websites and converts this information into actionable, structured data. It offers various APIs for different tasks such as extracting articles, discussions, images, and even provides a universal scraper for customized data extraction needs.

Key Features

  • Knowledge Graph- Search: Facilitates accurate data feeds encompassing news, organizations, and individuals.
  • Knowledge Graph- Enhance: Augments your existing data sets of people and accounts.
  • Natural Language Processing: Recognizes entities, discerns relationships, and detects sentiment from raw textual data.
  • Extract: Analyzes a variety of content such as articles, products, and discussions without necessitating predefined rules.
  • Crawl: Efficiently transforms any website into a structured repository of products, articles, and discussions.

Use Cases

  • Organizations: Access over 50 data fields like categories, revenue, locations, and investments, with over 246M companies and non-profits available in the Knowledge Graph.
  • News & Articles: Besides textual content, it provides entity matching, topic sentiment analysis, etc., boasting over 1.6B articles and other written forms in the Knowledge Graph.
  • Retail Products: Offers more than 20 data fields encompassing brand details, images, reviews, and pricing data. The Knowledge Graph contains information on over 3M pre-crawled retail products.

Pros and Cons


  • Transforms the complex and vast web into a structured and accessible database.
  • Capable of reading and understanding web content like a human.
  • Comprehensive data coverage through its Knowledge Graph.


  • Given its robust features, it might be overwhelming for users who seek simple scraping tasks.
  • Pricing can be a concern for small enterprises or individual users.


Diffbot offers several pricing plans for its services. Here is a summary of the available plans and their features:

  • Startup ($299/month): This plan is designed for small teams looking for easy, plug-and-play scraping and Knowledge Graph access. It includes 250,000 credits (with a cost of $0.001 per additional credit), 5 calls per second, email support, custom API support, standard integrations, and more.
  • Plus ($899/month): This plan includes everything in the Startup plan, plus access to Crawl for full site scraping and increased usage limits. It includes 1,000,000 credits (with a cost of $0.0009 per additional credit), 25 calls per second, email support, custom API support, bulk processing, 30-day storage, raw HTML, ProServ available, add source to global crawl, and more.
  • Enterprise (Custom pricing): This plan offers bespoke plans and managed solutions with the full works, including premium SLA support. It includes custom credit allotment & rate, usage tailored to your needs, 25+ calls per second, phone support, custom API support, bulk processing, additional storage, raw HTML, proxy access, custom integrations, dedicated success manager, add source to global crawl, data refreshes, CRM integration, support SLA and more.

Diffbot also offers a free trial for 2 weeks with no credit card required and full API access. You can cancel your subscription at any time and won’t be billed for subsequent months.

You can check out their pricing page for more information about each plan to make the best decision for your business.

User Experience

Diffbot presents a seamless experience, enabling both developers and non-tech users to mine the required data efficiently. Its capabilities to infer information from raw text and generate structured data without pre-defined rules add to user-friendliness.

Customer Support

Diffbot provides a comprehensive knowledge base and support system. They offer email support and have extensive documentation to assist users in understanding and using the tool.

Community and Learning Resources

Diffbot offers a range of learning resources, including comprehensive documentation, insightful customer stories, a regularly updated blog, and informative webinars to assist and educate its users.

Security and Reliability

Diffbot is committed to offering a secure environment. Its capability to read billions of public websites and convert this into structured data highlights its reliability and robustness.


Diffbot can integrate with various other tools and platforms, particularly through its API. It’s common to see integrations with data visualization tools, databases, or other analytics platforms.


There are several web scraping tools available, but given Diffbot’s unique offerings, users might want to consider tools like Octoparse, Import.io, and ParseHub, among others.