Enebular no code iot tool

Enebular is a comprehensive development and operation service tailored to support the creation of IoT products and services. It empowers developers by facilitating the development of IoT applications spanning from edge devices to the cloud. This tool’s mission is encapsulated in its name – “Enebular”, combining “enable”, meaning to make a system or device operational, and “nebular”, Latin for cloud or fog. Its ultimate goal is to activate IoT systems, connecting an endless array of edge devices to the cloud, and turning distributed intelligence into reality.

Key Features

  • Visual Programming: Enebular offers a flow-based application development environment for both cloud and edge, simplifying system design and updates.
  • Remote Deployment: Enables Over-The-Air deployment of flows, coupled with features like status and log management to remotely manage numerous devices.
  • enebular AI Empowerment: It fosters the creation of products and services that evolve continuously by embedding intelligence on edge-side devices and optimizing systems based on machine learning results.
  • Visualization: Enebular presents InfoMotion, an innovative method to visualize intricate time-series data collected from multiple edge devices on customizable dashboards.
  • Open Development Environment: Node development is facilitated by open-source assets like Node-RED. Additionally, Enebular supports various cloud platforms, including AWS, Heroku, among others.
  • Community: The “Discover” feature offers a collection of readily usable flows and visualization tools, accelerating the overall IoT application development process.
  • Arm® Mbed™ Technology: Enebular operates on Arm® Mbed™ OS, which simplifies the development of smart IoT devices by securely updating firmware on microcontrollers.

Use Cases

  • Facility Management: Reducing manpower for inspections and accident prevention.
  • Asset Tracking: Monitoring individuals and object tracking.
  • enebular AI empowerment: Aid in AI operations on the edge side.


  • Free Plan: This allows users to experience IoT system development using visual programming. Features under this plan include gateway implementation, private node usage, deploying and running flows, executing files, deploying AI models, and basic data visualization using the IoT dashboard.
  • Enterprise Plan: Designed for advanced system development and operations management of IoT systems, this plan incorporates everything in the Free plan, plus additional features like device group management, scheduled deployments, comprehensive IoT system support (including device status monitoring, logs, and remote maintenance), project and asset access permissions, and dedicated technical support.

For precise pricing details and potential additional offerings, it’s recommended to directly contact Enebular.

User Experience

Enebular aims to make the IoT development process smooth by bridging the gap between edge and cloud. By enabling instant realization of ideas, it fosters an environment where project stakeholders can be actively involved without technical hindrances.

Customer Support

Enebular provides support via Email, an extensive Documentation section, and a blog filled with insightful articles and updates.

Security and Reliability

Enebular emphasizes strong security measures, ensuring the protection of data across devices and during transfer. Whether it’s data at rest or in transit, Enebular has security protocols to safeguard its integrity.


Enebular boasts an open development environment. Not only does it support the use of open-source assets like Node-RED, but it also integrates seamlessly with various cloud platforms, such as AWS and Heroku.