Fogwing no code iot tool

Fogwing is an Industrial IoT platform engineered to revolutionize machine connectivity and digital automation. It enables businesses to build custom IoT solutions without the need for coding, allowing seamless connection of machinery through industrial protocols. The platform’s core promise is simplifying Industrial IoT (IIoT), providing tools for connection, data collection, analysis, and automation.

Key Features

  • Connect, Collect, Analyze, and Automate: An all-in-one approach to simplifying IIoT.
  • Device Agnostic: Supports a wide range of IoT devices, Gateways, Routers, and even has Fogwing Certified Devices.
  • Cloud Infrastructure: Offers a scalable and secure cloud-hosted framework that caters to quick scaling needs.
  • Secure IoT Network: Provides comprehensive encrypted network support, from cellular (3G/4G/5G) to NB-IoT, LTE-M, and private LoRaWAN.
  • Protocol Support: Compatible with industry protocols like MQTT/S, UDP, and API interfaces.
  • Data Storage & Processing: Comes with integrated storage and time-series database capacity for both real-time and batch processing, including Data Integrity Check and other features.
  • Rules & Notification Engine: No-code rules engine for data validations and triggers, and an inbuilt notification system for various alert types.
  • Command Center: A feature for configuring and sending commands to IoT devices.
  • No-Code Studio: A data visualization application tailored for business users.
  • Cloud Integration: Allows data migration to cloud services such as Azure Blob, AWS S3, and Google Cloud Storage.
  • IoT Analytics Platform: Empowers businesses with data-driven insights without needing expertise in IoT.
  • Custom Dashboard: Offers DIY dashboard templates for users to design and adapt as needed.

Use Cases

  • Equipment Monitoring: Track industrial equipment and machinery in real time.
  • Asset Tracking: Real-time visibility into asset operations.
  • Predictive Maintenance: Analyze equipment conditions and predict maintenance needs.
  • Digital Automation: Enables users to build and deploy IoT-based automation solutions effortlessly.


  • Community Plan: At $0/Month, offers support for 5 Devices, 8K Payloads, 3-months storage, Data Analytics for Admin users.
  • Startup Plan: Priced at $15/Month, it provides unlimited device connectivity, 400K Payload, 1-year storage, and unlimited users with Data Analytics.
  • Growth Plan: For $50/Month, caters to unlimited devices, offers 5M Payload, 1-year storage, and unlimited user access with Data Analytics.
  • Bundled Offer: Combines IIoT Platform with IoT Analytics Studio, focusing on no-code management and analytics for IoT projects.

You can check out their pricing page for more information about each plan to make the best decision for your business.

User Experience

Fogwing’s platform provides a comprehensive set of tools, from data analytics and visualization to the command center and web portals, allowing a broad range of users to interact, analyze, and take action. The No-Code Data Studio is particularly user-friendly, permitting business users to tailor their dashboards, query data, and gain insights without dependency.

Customer Support

Support channels for Fogwing include Email, ticket submission, and a thorough knowledge base.

Community and Learning Resources

  • Blogs: Fogwing regularly publishes blogs, keeping users updated on the latest IoT trends and best practices.
  • Help Center: A comprehensive hub filled with guides and tutorials, the Help Center ensures quick resolutions to common queries.
  • Academy: Fogwing’s Academy provides structured courses for deeper understanding of IIoT concepts and platform usage.
  • Webinars: Through live sessions, users can directly interact with experts, seeking insights and clarifications about the platform’s features.
  • Success Stories: Highlighting real-world applications, these stories offer users a glimpse into the practical benefits of using Fogwing.
  • Community Forum: This is a collaborative space where IoT and industrial automation professionals share knowledge, answer questions, and discuss best practices.

Security and Reliability

Fogwing ensures top-tier security with its encrypted networks and standardized protocols. The platform’s design, which emphasizes data integrity and secure storage, prioritizes the safe and reliable handling of IoT data.


Apart from seamless integration with major cloud services, Fogwing’s IIoT Platform can be integrated with numerous applications, storage platforms, and messaging systems. This ensures flexibility in data handling according to user preferences.