GDevelop No Code Game Engine

GDevelop is a fast, free, open-source 2D/3D game-making app that enables users to create games without any coding knowledge. It employs a visual development environment and a behavior-based logic system, enabling developers to craft games with ease. Ideal for both hobbyists and professionals, GDevelop offers an intuitive approach to game development.

Key Features

  • Event System: Enables the creation of game logic without the need for coding, simplifying the process while maintaining the efficiency of traditional programming.
  • Cross-platform Export: Games made in GDevelop can be easily exported to a variety of platforms including Android, iOS, Steam, Epic Games Store, and more.
  • 2D/3D Object Creation: Users can seamlessly integrate 3D models, 2D sprites, particle emitters, texts, and other objects into their games.
  • Integrated Asset Store: An inbuilt store brimming with thousands of premium and free assets, streamlining the game creation process.
  • Live Preview: A unique feature that allows developers to instantly preview changes on other devices without the need for exports.
  • Visual Effects (Shaders): Enhance your game’s aesthetics by adding effects to objects and layers.
  • Customizable Game Behaviors: Over a hundred pre-built behaviors that can be plugged into game objects. Users can also build and incorporate custom behaviors using the no-code event system.
  • Lightweight & Power-packed: GDevelop is optimized for the creation of any 2D game imaginable, from mobile titles to Steam releases, backed by WebGL and WebAssembly.
  • Advanced Game Development Features: Including tilemaps, physics engine, platformer engine, dialogue editor, particle emitter, pathfinding, gamepad support, and more.
  • Community Extensions: Over 160 extensions available, created by the community to provide functionalities like multiplayer capabilities, 2.5D/3D game mechanics, and more.
  • Custom Functions and Expandable Logic: GDevelop isn’t just for simple games. It’s designed to scale with your project. Users can build advanced, reusable logic structures.
  • API Calls and Advanced Functions: This allows for the integration of third-party services, monetization strategies, or unique game mechanics that rely on external data.
  • Sound and Image Editors: In-built sound effects editor (JFXR) and image editor (Piskel) streamline the game development process.
  • Cloud Storage: Facilitates easy sharing and collaboration.
  • Debugger and Profiler: These tools help in identifying performance bottlenecks and optimizing the game for smooth gameplay.
  • Monetization Features: GDevelop supports Google Admob for advertisements and offers functionalities for in-app purchases.

Use Cases

  • Platformer games
  • Puzzle games
  • Space shooters
  • Role-playing games (RPG)
  • Strategy games

Pros and Cons


  • Versatile for any 2D/3D game creation.
  • Cross-platform game exports with a single click.
  • Active community support and continuous extension additions.
  • Integrated asset store for easy access to game resources.


  • Premium plans needed for advanced online services.
  • Some advanced features may have a learning curve.


GDevelop is a free and open-source game-making app that allows you to create games without coding. However, they offer premium plans that supercharge your games by unlocking additional online services and perks in the community.

GDevelop offers premium plans for different usages:

  • Individual (€4.99/month): For curious and hobbyists for fun and personal usage.
  • Business (€30/user/month): For enterprises, start-ups, agencies for fun or profit.
  • Education (€2.99/seat/month): For teachers and groups for teaching and learning.

You can check out their pricing page for more information about each plan to make the best decision for your business.

User Experience

  • Fast game previews and sharing through QR codes.
  • Visual editors for quick and efficient game development.
  • Easily accessible built-in asset store.

System Requirements

The system requirements for GDevelop depend on the games you make. More resources, bigger resources, and more calculations will require more memory, more RAM, and more CPU.

The minimum requirements for GDevelop are:

  • CPU: Any CPU that is 64-bit compatible.
  • Memory: At least 1GB RAM is required for GDevelop itself. However, the amount of RAM you’ll need for the games you’re developing can vary based on the complexity and resources of your game.
  • Graphics: A graphics card or integrated graphics that is compatible with WebGL. This ensures that the games you design are rendered properly and can utilize various graphical effects available in the engine.
  • Operating System: Any 64-bit operating system

Community and Learning Resources

  • Blog posts, game examples, and templates for inspiration.
  • Game development tutorials cater to both beginners and experienced users.
  • Active forums where users share their creations, ask for help and discuss features.