Graphite Note

Graphite Note No AI Code Tool

Graphite Note is a transformative no-code predictive analytics platform crafted for growth-oriented teams without AI expertise. It revolutionizes business outcomes by enabling even non-tech users to harness data-driven insights, aiding them in making precise business decisions. From understanding raw data to making actionable predictions, insights, and decisions, Graphite Note delivers results in mere hours.

Key Features

  • No-Code Predictive Analytics: Enables growth-focused teams without AI expertise to harness data for actionable insights.
  • AI-Driven Analysis and Segmentation: Easily analyze customer behavior patterns from historical data and segment them accordingly.
  • Personalized Strategy Execution: Allows for the creation and execution of marketing, sales, and operational strategies tailored to specific customer segments.
  • Comprehensive Forecasting Tools: Includes lead conversion prediction, sales trend forecasting, demand forecasting, and churn prediction.
  • Ready-to-Use AI Models: Connect existing data sets to predefined templates to generate predictions without coding, including classification/regression and timeseries forecasts.
  • Advanced Analytics Models: Features one-click RFM customer segmentation, ABC product analysis, and customer lifetime value (CLV) calculations.
  • User-Friendly Visualization Tools: Converts data into compelling stories for easy interpretation, presentation, and sharing.
  • Effortless Data Integration: Import raw data seamlessly from various sources like CRM, online store, customer database, ERP, and more.
  • Automated Algorithm Generation: The platform can auto-generate algorithms, organize results visually, and convert them into data narratives.
  • Comprehensive Insight Sharing: Facilitates easy sharing of insights and narratives within teams.
  • Support for Various Business Units: Tailored solutions and features for Marketing, Sales, Digital Agencies, Operations, and Customer Success teams.
  • Clear Data Narratives: Transforms complex data into easily understandable and actionable insights for decision-making.

Use Cases

  • Marketing: Analyze customer behavior patterns, segment customers using AI-driven tools, and execute personalized marketing strategies.
  • Sales: Predict lead conversion probabilities, score leads, and prioritize efforts on high-value prospects.
  • Digital Agency: Analyze past campaigns, forecast future performance, and improve campaign strategies based on forecasts.
  • Operations: Analyze sales trends, forecast demand, and optimize inventory and production.
  • Customer Success: Predict churn, target high-risk customers, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Pros and Cons


  • Turn complex data into actionable insights without technical expertise.
  • User-friendly interface making data narratives compelling.
  • Achieve clarity in decision-making with precise predictions.


  • Might not have the depth or complexity desired by more advanced data analysts
  • Limited integrations with third-party platforms


Graphite Note offers a 7-day free trial with no credit card required. After seven days, if you want to continue their service, you must subscribe to a plan.

  • SPROUT ($45/month): This plan is ideal for individuals and micro teams using CSV files. It includes 1 user, unlimited predictions, models, and data story notebooks, with analysis options covering classification, regression, timeseries, clustering, and advanced analytics. The dataset limit stands at 50k rows, and support is provided via email.
  • GROWTH ($795/month): Tailored for small teams concentrating on machine learning and data storytelling, the Growth plan offers features for 5 users, unlimited predictions, models, and notebooks. The dataset limit increases to 1M rows and provides both CSV and database connectors. Additional perks include a model scheduler and a monthly 4-hour data preparation service. Support extends to include Loom Video.
  • ENTERPRISE (Custom Pricing): Designed for larger teams with a focus on integrative machine learning and data storytelling, this package offers customizable user counts, unlimited predictions, models, and notebooks. It boasts special features like prescriptive analytics narratives with generative AI, a model scheduler, and access to REST APIs. This plan also provides a dedicated data scientist, account manager, and priority video call support.

You can check out their pricing page for more information about each plan to make the best decision for your business.

User Experience

Graphite Note ensures a seamless user experience by translating intricate data into easy-to-understand visuals and narratives. It’s designed to allow even those without AI know-how to delve deep into data, recognize patterns, and make well-informed decisions.

Customer Support

Graphite Note offers email and video call support to assist its users.

Community and Learning Resources

Graphite Note provides several resources to help users grasp the platform. These include a regularly updated blog, documentation, and live demo examples showcasing the power of its no-code predictive analytics.


Graphite Note allows you to import raw data from various sources, including your CRM, online store, customer database, ERP, and other platforms. Its power lies in its ability to effortlessly connect to these data sources and churn out predictive models.