Helppier No Code Onboarding Tool

Helppier is an intuitive no-code tool tailored for professionals seeking to enhance user onboarding and engagement. It enables the creation of user guides, automated tours, in-app messages, and more, all without requiring any coding expertise. Designed with a focus on improving user experience, Helppier provides robust features to automate user onboarding, enhance product marketing, speed up staff training, and reduce support-related costs.

Key Features

  • Interactive Guides & Messages: Allow users to simultaneously interact with your website and follow steps. Tutorials, product tours, tooltips, pop-ups, warnings, and more make user interaction seamless and informative.
  • Beautiful Templates: A plethora of ready-to-use templates and customization tools ensure brand alignment and captivating user guides.
  • In-App Messaging: Customize and choose from various in-app messages like popups, notifications, and banners.
  • Triggers & Segmentation: Show guides based on specific user actions or segments. Automate onboarding using triggers like page visits, time delays, clicks, or mouseovers.
  • Performance Tracking: Monitor guide engagement and user insights to refine the onboarding process.
  • NPS Surveys: Easily create and publish surveys to gather user feedback.
  • Translation Support: Helppier can translate in-app guides to up to 65 languages.
  • Shareable Guides: Unique shortlinks for each guide, allowing for easy sharing on various platforms.
  • Position Adjuster: Position guides and messages anywhere on your page.

Use Cases

  • For CEOs & Founders: Enhance onboarding experience, reduce churn, and grow your business. Convert users into loyal customers through automated onboarding flows.
  • For Product Managers & Marketers: Engage new users, present in-app announcements, and track engagement for better product adoption.
  • For Customer Success Managers: Streamline the onboarding process, reduce email communication, and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • For Product Specialists and SaaS Companies: Provide a consistent and engaging onboarding experience for all users.


  • Standard Plan: At $49/month (with a discounted annual option), features include unlimited guides, segmentation, integrations, and support for up to 1,000 Monthly Active Users.
  • Tailor-Made Plan: For a personalized experience, users can contact Helppier for a custom plan tailored to their needs. It includes advanced features, priority support, and dedicated account management.

Helppier also offers a 14-day free trial without requiring any credit card details. You can check out their pricing page for more information about each plan to make the best decision for your business.

User Experience

Helppier ensures that professionals without coding experience can create even intricate onboarding flows. With ready-to-use templates, customization features, and robust analytics, users can effortlessly craft an engaging onboarding journey.

Customer Support

Helppier offers a comprehensive support system, including Email, Phone & Zoom support, complemented by a help center.

Community and Learning Resources

Helppier offers a variety of educational materials and resources, including tutorial videos and guides, to assist users in mastering the platform. They also provide demos for hands-on learning experiences and maintain a blog that delivers timely insights and valuable tips for the community.

Security and Reliability

Helppier commits to top-tier security practices, ensuring user data protection. They use SSL encryption for data transmission and follow GDPR guidelines for data storage and handling.


Helppier boasts integrations with a variety of tools including Canva, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Typeform, Calendly, Bubble, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Google Tag Manager, Microsoft SharePoint, and offers its own API for further connectivity.