Image Charts

Image Charts No Code Tool

Image Charts allows users to instantly create visually appealing charts and seamlessly integrate them into various applications and platforms. With custom URLs and embed codes for each chart, it provides a solution for marketers, business owners, developers, and low-code enthusiasts to visualize data without delving deep into coding.

Key Features

  • Dynamic URL-based API for chart generation.
  • Supports various chart types like bar, line, pie, and radar.
  • Customizable design options including colors, sizes, and legends.
  • Embeddable in any platform that can display images.

Use Cases

  • Enables no-code automated workflows to construct charts from various tools and embed them in emails, reports, PDFs, and other platforms.
  • Allows easy chart embedding across apps and browsers, negating the need for server-side solutions.

Pros and Cons


  • Versatile integrations with popular tools.
  • Custom URL and embed options for charts.
  • No-code workflows for automation.
  • Developer-friendly with custom API.
  • Simple and straightforward integration.
  • Great for platforms that don’t support interactive charts.


  • Being static, the charts aren’t interactive.
  • Might require a bit of URL manipulation which might not be user-friendly for everyone.


  • INDIVIDUAL Plan: This is a free option, best suited for those just getting started. Users have access to numerous chart templates and can manually enter data to produce basic, embeddable charts. The benefits of this plan include the Google Premium Network, support for WebP and Gif formats. However, charts come with a watermark, and for any help, users can rely on community support.
  • BUSINESS Plan: Priced at $99 per month, the Business tier caters to those who want a more professional setup. It includes all the features of the Individual plan but without the watermark. Additionally, businesses get their custom subdomain, making charts align better with their brand. For automating tasks, users can harness the integrations with Zapier and Make. When it comes to support, priority email assistance is available, and subscribers also receive priority for feature requests.
  • ENTERPRISE Plan: Recognized as the most popular choice, the Enterprise plan costs $249 per month. It’s crafted for power users and professionals who require advanced charting capabilities. On top of all the Business plan offerings, Enterprise users benefit from a dedicated support contact. The charts they create can be of high resolution, and there’s added flexibility with compound charts. These charts can feature multiple axes and allow users to localize chart currency symbols for global versatility.

You can check out their pricing page for more information about each plan to make the best decision for your business.

User Experience

Offers a user-friendly interface, tailored for both no-code users and developers. With an emphasis on integration and automation, it simplifies the chart creation process.

Customer Support

Image Charts provides direct email support for detailed queries. Additionally, users can access tutorials, guides, and a handy FAQ section for quick solutions and platform understanding.

Community and Learning Resources

Image Charts fosters a vibrant community through its forum, allowing users to share insights and seek advice. For in-depth understanding and guidance, the platform offers detailed documentation. Users can also stay updated on trends, features, and tips via the Image Charts blog.


Extensive integration capabilities, particularly through Zapier and Make. Some platforms it integrates with include: Airtable, Gmail, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Salesforce, Slack, Typeform, Amplitude, Asana, Cloudflare, Google Ads, Hubspot, Intercom, Mixpanel, PayPal, SendinBlue, Stripe, Survey Monkey, Trello, and Webflow.