JobBoardFire No Code Builder

JobBoardFire empowers users to launch a job board tailored to their community. With its integrated tools and features, businesses can boost organic reach, drive engagement, and generate revenue by establishing their own job marketplace. The platform emphasizes building brand awareness and growing your community with high traffic, while also aiding in search engine optimization and integration with Google for Jobs.

Key Features

Admin Features:

  • Native job aggregation and third-party job backfilling from platforms such as Ziprecruiter, Indeed, and Talroo.
  • Advanced customizable fields, granular access control, and support for multiple team members.

Engagement Tools:

  • Capture leads from job seekers and employers.
  • Send automatic, relevant job alerts to potential candidates.
  • Seamlessly sync with your marketing stack to keep potential candidates and employers engaged.

Job Seeker Tools:

  • Reusable professional profile and resume upload features.
  • Remote-friendly search & filtering, and the ability to join a talent network.
  • Real-time conversation tools for direct engagement with employers.

Employer Features:

  • A self-serve dashboard complete with a customizable Applicant Tracking System.
  • Options to create or join multiple companies and initiate real-time chats with candidates.
  • Search the talent network, invite job seekers to apply, and invite teammates to the company’s platform.

Monetization Capabilities:

  • Diverse tools to generate revenue including selling job posts, job post packs, and talent network access.
  • Charge job seekers for premium services, sell custom products, and offer recurring subscriptions.
  • Advanced payment solutions including promotion codes, multiple payment plans, digital payments, and automatic invoicing.

Use Cases

  • Publishers: Utilize the platform to curate and post relevant job listings.
  • Communities: Build a tailored job board for specific community needs.
  • B2B SaaS: Enhance software solutions by integrating a job board feature.
  • Associations: Offer members exclusive access to industry-specific jobs.
  • Niche Job Boards: Create a specialized job board for particular industries or roles.


JobBoardFire doesn’t provide direct pricing on the platform. Interested parties can request pricing details using their work email.

User Experience

JobBoardFire offers a straightforward and user-friendly interface. Even for those unfamiliar with job board creation, the platform’s intuitive design ensures a smooth experience. Some users might need a brief orientation, but most can dive right in.

Customer Support

JobBoardFire offers email support for all its users, ensuring they have the help they need for any queries or issues.

Community and Learning Resources

Users have access to the Job Board Academy, which offers a multitude of resources for creating, launching, and scaling a successful niche job board.

Security and Reliability

With automatic SSL certificates, single sign-on (SSO), and options for members-only job boards, JobBoardFire places high importance on user data security.


JobBoardFire has robust integration capabilities, including Google Jobs, Zapier, Google Analytics, and provides the flexibility for custom integrations, webhooks, and API access.