Ko-fi no code payment solution

Ko-fi is a versatile online platform designed to provide artists, streamers, podcasters, writers, and other creators a straightforward way to monetize their work. With Ko-fi, users can receive donations, offer monthly memberships, sell both digital and physical products, and even take commissions.

Key Features

  • Zero Fees on Donations: Ko-fi takes no fees from donations; the amount goes directly to your PayPal or Stripe account.
  • Multiple Monetization Options: Accept donations, sell products, offer memberships, and even take commissions.
  • Instant Payments: Receive funds immediately, whether it’s donations, membership fees, or payments for goods and services.
  • Membership Tiers: Offer exclusive content and perks to members who support you on a monthly basis.
  • Commissions and Services: Control available slots for creative commissions and offer personalized services.
  • Stream Alerts: Receive donation messages while you’re streaming on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.
  • Crowdfunding Goals: Set up goals to encourage fans to contribute towards a specific project or expense.
  • Exclusive Content: Offer supporter-only content and rewards such as Discord roles, member-only products, and more.

Use Cases

  • Artists: Showcase your portfolio and sell your art.
  • Streamers: Receive real-time donation alerts during live streams.
  • Podcasters: Offer premium content through membership tiers.
  • Writers: Use it as a tip jar or for receiving commissions for custom work.
  • Crafters: Sell your handmade goods without setting up a separate e-commerce site.


Ko-fi offers a free tier with essential features. For access to premium features like Memberships, Ko-fi Shop, and Commissions, users can opt for Ko-fi Gold, which is either a small subscription or a low 5% transaction fee on the premium features. Unlike many other platforms, Ko-fi does not take a cut from your donations.

User Experience

The platform provides a seamless user experience with an intuitive layout. Users can set up their Ko-fi page in just 60 seconds, enabling them to start receiving donations almost immediately. Managing multiple income streams is easy, and the interface is user-friendly.

Customer Support

For support, Ko-fi can be reached via email, DMs on Twitter or Instagram, or through their help center.

Community and Learning Resources

Ko-fi provides numerous resources to help creators succeed, including a blog and Creator Stories that offer tips and success stories from other users. Additionally, they have a Ko-fi Discord Community where creators can network, learn, and be the first to hear about Ko-fi updates.

Security and Reliability

The platform is secure, with all monetary transactions being processed through reputable services like PayPal and Stripe. Ko-fi doesn’t hold onto your money; it goes directly from your supporters to you.


Ko-fi offers robust integration capabilities, allowing you to connect to various platforms like Discord, Zapier, WordPress, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, YouTube, Medium, Facebook, and GitHub. This makes it easier to manage your workflow and reach a broader audience.


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  • Patreon
  • PayPal
  • Stripe