MeetEdgar No Code social media tool

MeetEdgar is a social media automation tool designed for freelancers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and social media teams. It allows users to efficiently create, schedule, publish, and automate their content on a daily basis, ensuring a consistent and engaging online presence.

Key Features

  • Evergreen Content Repurposing: Refresh and give older posts a new life, ensuring there’s always content ready to share.
  • Automated Content Scheduling: Set time slots for automated posting, letting Edgar manage the regularity and timing of content dissemination.
  • Content Variation Testing: Utilize A/B testing for variations of content to determine what engages your audience best across different social networks.
  • Evergreen Content Library: Build and maintain a limitless library of updates organized by category. If new content runs out, Edgar re-shares older ones to keep the social feed active.
  • Automatic Content Generation: Input a link and Edgar scans it to create quote-worthy social updates automatically. Additionally, with a single click, generate variations on each update, multiplying your content offerings.
  • Performance Analytics: Monitor engagement, track post history, and access performance data in a distraction-free dashboard. Evaluate and refine strategies based on real-time metrics.
  • Recurring Task Automation: Set promotions, blog posts, or other types of recurring content and let Edgar handle the automation, freeing you from repetitive tasks.
  • Unlimited Scheduled Posts: Plan, schedule, and manage all social campaigns from one central dashboard without any limitations on the number of posts.
  • Content Resharing: Unlike other schedulers that delete after posting, Edgar retains your content, ensuring that your library always has something to pull from and share.
  • Integrated Chrome Extension: Simplify the process of sharing links and adding content to the Edgar Library directly while browsing.

Use Cases

  • Brands looking to maintain a consistent online presence without daily manual posting.
  • Bloggers aiming to recycle evergreen content and maximize reach.
  • E-commerce sites promoting product listings across platforms.
  • Agencies managing content for multiple clients.


  • Eddie Annual Plan: Priced at $24.91 per month when billed annually or $29.99 per month when billed monthly. This plan is designed for side hustlers, and those just getting started. It includes 5 social accounts, unlimited scheduled posts, 10 weekly automations, 4 content categories, and 20 team members.
  • Edgar Annual Plan: Priced at $41.58 per month when billed annually or $49.99 per month when billed monthly. This plan is designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses. It includes 25 social accounts, unlimited scheduled posts, 1,000 weekly automations, unlimited customizable content categories, and 20 team members.

Both plans offer a free trial that lasts for 7 days. After this point, you can choose between the Eddie or Edgar plan. For more information about their pricing, please visit the official MeetEdgar pricing page.

User Experience

MeetEdgar offers an intuitive interface allowing users to schedule content, track post performances, and view engagement metrics. Additionally, its Chrome extension enhances the user experience by enabling quick content sharing and addition to the Edgar Library directly from the browser.

Customer Support

MeetEdgar boasts a dedicated support team available from Monday to Friday, providing one-on-one human support without relying on chatbots. For additional guidance, they also offer an extensive Help Center.


MeetEdgar seamlessly integrates with a variety of platforms to enhance its functionality and user experience. Users can effortlessly connect Edgar with Zapier to automate workflows, publish content directly from WordPress, and manage their social media presence across popular platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.