Monitoro Web Scraping Tool

Monitoro is a web scraping tool primarily designed to monitor websites for changes and send real-time notifications when those changes occur. Unlike traditional web scraping tools that extract data periodically, Monitoro continuously tracks selected web elements and provides alerts when they change. By utilizing Monitoro, users can easily stay updated about significant changes on their favorite websites, with no coding experience necessary.

Key Features

  • Website Monitoring: Continuously track websites and notify users of any changes.
  • Real-time Alerts: Notify users directly in their preferred apps.
  • Automatic Updates: Auto-update sheets and databases.
  • Custom Triggers: Advanced triggers for precise monitoring, such as monitoring specific keywords in search results or particular transaction amounts in crypto.
  • Local and Cloud Monitoring: Choose between monitoring on your local device or 24/7 cloud monitoring.

Use Cases

  • Monitoring product prices for changes.
  • Tracking website content updates, like news articles or blog posts.
  • Observing stock levels for specific products on e-commerce sites.
  • Keeping an eye on competitors’ websites for new offerings or changes.
  • Create custom triggers for automation, like when a new search result has a specific keyword or if a new crypto transaction reaches a certain amount.

Pros and Cons


  • Versatile notification options for different apps.
  • Both cloud and local monitoring, give flexibility and security.
  • No code requirement makes it user-friendly.
  • Comprehensive automation options for diverse needs.


  • Might not be suitable for complex scraping tasks requiring deep data extraction.
  • Continuous monitoring could lead to higher costs for prolific websites.


You can start a 14-day free trial before subscribing to any of the plans. Monitoro offers several pricing plans for its website monitoring services. You can monitor 5 webpages for free, or pick one of their plans below:

  • Basic ($9.99/month): This plan is ideal for monitoring simple changes and getting alerts for your favorite websites. It includes monitoring of 100 webpages, with 2 pages checked every 20 minutes, and up to 5 items per webpage.
  • Standard ($34.99/month): This plan is ideal for monitoring items and listings on any website for smarter automations. It includes monitoring of 250 webpages, with 2 pages checked every 10 minutes, and up to 10 items and lists per webpage.
  • Pro ($149.99/month): This plan is ideal for faster monitoring and advanced automations for all scenarios. It includes monitoring of 1000 webpages, with 4 pages checked every minute, and up to 20 items and lists per webpage.

You can check out their pricing page for more information about each plan to make the best decision for your business.

User Experience

Monitoro offers a clean and intuitive interface. The process of setting up monitoring is simple, making it accessible even for beginners. Setting up Monitoro is straightforward:

  1. Select data: Choose data from any website to monitor.
  2. Create alerts: Choose an app to send alerts or sync data.
  3. Once set, Monitoro keeps an eye on your chosen data and informs you of changes.

Customer Support

Monitoro provides customer support primarily through Email.

Community and Learning Resources

Monitoro provides a Blog for user insights and YouTube videos for tutorials and demonstrations.

Security and Reliability

Monitoro offers a choice between local and cloud monitoring. Local extraction ensures secure monitoring of pages behind logins without sharing credentials, while cloud extractors are always on, running 24/7.


Monitoro boasts extensive integration capabilities with various apps:

  • Chat: Discord, Telegram, Slack, Microsoft Teams
  • Email: Outlook, Gmail
  • Web Builder: Bubble, Webflow
  • Spreadsheet: Google Sheets, Airtable
  • Database: Supabase, InfluxDB
  • Automation: Zapier, Apps Script, IFTTT, Webhook


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