Moxly Top NoCode Tools

Moxly is an innovative no-code/ low-code platform designed to simplify mobile app development. It enables users to create custom mobile applications without the need for coding skills. Its primary function lies in its drag-and-drop interface, allowing for a seamless and user-friendly app building experience.

Key Features

  • AI-Driven Development: Utilizes artificial intelligence to assist in app creation, offering features like an AI color palette generator and an AI assistant (YashaAI) for seamless API connections and code generation.
  • No-Code to Low-Code Capabilities: Offers a range of development options from no-code for beginners to low-code options for more customized needs, including an efficient flow and native component usage.
  • Figma Integration: Direct integration with Figma, allowing users to import designs from Figma into Moxly for rapid prototyping and app development.
  • Real-Time Content Synchronization: Enables real-time updates to app content without the need for re-publishing in app stores.
  • Multilingual Support: Provides the capability to create applications in multiple languages, enhancing the app’s reach for global distribution.
  • Comprehensive Content Management: Features an application content dashboard for managing a variety of content types such as text, images, videos, and more.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Facilitates the development of apps for both iOS and Android platforms, with the ability to deploy to the App Store, Play Store, and as a Progressive Web App (PWA).
  • Interactive Design Elements: Allows the use of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS for creating sophisticated designs and animations, along with a modular design approach for rich visual styles.
  • Push Notifications and In-App Purchases: Offers the ability to send push notifications and includes features for in-app purchases, vital for user engagement and monetization.

Use Cases

Moxly is suitable for startups, agencies, educators, and even programmers who seek a balance between no-code simplicity and low-code flexibility.


  • Free: $0/month, includes 1 app, Android platform, 32 MB storage, and all functions.
  • Starter: $12/month or $120/year, offers 2 apps, Android & iOS + PWA, 240 MB storage, and support for 5 managers.
  • Advanced: $30/month or $300/year, includes 5 apps, Android & iOS + PWA, 540 MB storage, 50 managers, and Ionic Source Code.
  • Pro: $79/month or $790/year, for unlimited apps, Android & iOS + PWA, 1200 MB storage, unlimited managers, Ionic Source Code, and Custom Domain/PWA.

For more information about their pricing, please visit the official Moxly pricing page.

User Experience

Moxly offers a simple yet powerful interface, suitable for users with varying levels of technical expertise. Its AI features and modular design enhance the app-building process, making it efficient and user-friendly.

Customer Support

Moxly provides customer support through email and a dedicated Telegram chat (@moxly), ensuring timely assistance for users.

Community and Learning Resources

A wealth of resources is available for learning, including YouTube tutorials, a comprehensive blog, quick start guides, and thorough documentation.

Security and Reliability

Moxly emphasizes security and reliability, with robust measures in place to protect sensitive data. They regularly update their systems to ensure high performance and security standards.


Supports integration with various platforms and services like Google Sheets, Airtable, Firebase, OpenAI, Adobe Cloud, etc., enhancing app functionality and versatility.


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  • Adalo: Known for its intuitive design and user-friendly interface.
  • Glide: Ideal for creating apps from existing data in spreadsheets.