Noogata No Code AI Tool

Noogata is an AI-driven platform designed to boost eCommerce revenue, specifically for Amazon businesses. It aids both CPGs and digital brands, eliminating the need for manual insights discovery by providing actionable AI-generated recommendations. By leveraging AI, Noogata ensures brands can confidently grow on Amazon without relying on guesswork.

Key Features

  • AI Insights Feed: A streamlined feed offering insights based on Amazon data. It alerts users about competitor changes and recommends subsequent actions.
  • Digital Shelf Tools: Helps in monitoring and measuring Amazon market share or impressions, viewing brand performance, and boosting product pricing, content, and advertising effectiveness.
  • Search Trendspotting: Identify emerging search trends, get insights into paid vs. organic search, and seize opportunities before competitors.
  • Content Optimization: Offers content recommendations, content scoring, and tools to rapidly generate product titles and descriptions.
  • Ad Booster: View top keywords for new products, make smarter bid predictions, and identify high-performance keywords and ASINs for advertising.
  • Collaboration Tools: Designed for CPGs and large digital brands, these tools promote team collaboration, project assignment, and productivity enhancement.
  • Performance Monitoring: Measure growth, track team performance, and quantify the benefits of using Noogata’s tools.

Use Cases

  • CPGs and digital brands looking to grow their Amazon business without getting overwhelmed with analytical dashboards.
  • Brands aiming for enhanced product visibility and competitive edge on Amazon.
  • eCommerce teams collaborating on projects, tracking performance, and setting strategies based on AI insights.

Pros and Cons


  • Comprehensive AI insights that minimize guesswork in decision-making.
  • Tools to optimize product pricing, content, and advertising campaigns.
  • Collaborative features to ensure streamlined operations across eCommerce teams.
  • Ability to measure the direct impact of utilizing Noogata’s platform.


  • Some advanced users might seek more customization than is provided.

User Experience

With a focus on simplifying Amazon growth using AI, Noogata offers a streamlined and intuitive user interface. By centralizing insights, recommendations, and tools in one platform, it ensures a hassle-free experience for brands aiming to scale on Amazon.

Customer Support

Noogata provides customer support via email for direct inquiries and also maintains an informational blog.