Outseta no code membership builder

Outseta is an all-in-one membership software designed to provide founders with the essential tools required to monetize their website, SaaS product, or online community efficiently. From payments and authentication to CRM and email functionalities, Outseta simplifies the integration of core operations.

Key Features

  • Membership Management & Authentication: Outseta offers unified membership management, allowing businesses to sell both individual and team memberships with unique login credentials. A flexible authentication system allows members to log in using email, password, or their Google accounts. Based on their membership plans, you can regulate content access, ensuring exclusive experiences.
  • Comprehensive CRM and Lead Management: Centralize all prospect and customer data with a comprehensive CRM. This system allows for the customization of member records, creation of specific member segments for targeted communications, and effective tracking of customer acquisition processes. The embedded lead capture tools, such as sign-up forms and pop-ups, ensure seamless data integration into the CRM.
  • Robust Payment & Subscription Billing: Integrate seamlessly with Stripe to manage subscription options and charge customers. Set up and iterate diverse pricing models, including per-user pricing and selling add-on products or services. Members can also self-manage their subscriptions, enabling them to upgrade, downgrade, or manage payment details independently.
  • Communication & Marketing Tools: Outseta’s email marketing suite lets businesses send unlimited email broadcasts, automated drip campaigns, and manage transactional emails. It’s designed to optimize member communication and engagement. Real-time notifications keep you informed of user actions and their engagement levels.
  • Support & Knowledge Management: An integrated support system, inclusive of ticketing, live chat, and a knowledge base, ensures timely assistance to members. This empowers users to access product documentation, how-tos, and get real-time support whenever needed.
  • User Experience & Interface Customization: Ensure a unique user experience by customizing the platform through a visual builder. From font choices to layout preferences, maintain brand consistency. Moreover, members have personalized user profiles, allowing them to have more control over their account details and experiences.
  • Engagement & Tracking: Monitor user activities and behaviors both on your product or website, ensuring you remain updated on how your platform is used.
  • Affiliate & Community Integration: Launch affiliate or referral programs in partnership with Rewardful to incentivize promotions. Moreover, with Outseta’s Discord bot, businesses can manage server subscriptions, role assignments, and overall community engagement effectively.
  • Website & Content Customization: Tailor the user experience by showing or hiding specific page elements based on user subscriptions. This ensures a level of content exclusivity, enhancing the value proposition for members.

Use Cases

Outseta is ideal for businesses, creators, or developers who:

  • Wish to launch a subscription or membership platform swiftly.
  • Want a unified system for CRM, billing, and communication.
  • Aim to enhance their customer acquisition and retention strategies.


  • Founder: This plan costs $33 per month and includes a 1% transaction fee. It allows up to 1,000 contacts and includes unlimited team members and all features.
  • Start-up: This plan costs $66 per month and also includes a 1% transaction fee. It allows up to 5,000 contacts and includes unlimited team members and all features.
  • Growth: This plan costs $99 per month and includes a 1% transaction fee. It allows up to 10,000 contacts and includes unlimited team members and all features.

If you have more than 10,000 contacts, you can contact Outseta to talk about a custom plan.

Outseta offers a 7-day free trial for their Founder and Start-up plans. You can check out their pricing page for more information about each plan to make the best decision for your business.

User Experience

Outseta offers a meticulously designed interface, prioritizing user experience from sign-up to support. The visual builder allows for easy customization to align with brand aesthetics. Despite its extensive features, the platform remains intuitive and user-friendly, with comprehensive documentation available for those new to the system.

Customer Support

  • Email: Direct assistance for queries.
  • Knowledge Base: A repository of solutions, guides, and FAQs.

Community and Learning Resources

Outseta Academy and their blog are valuable resources, providing tutorials, articles, and insights for users.

Security and Reliability

Security is a priority for Outseta, especially since they handle sensitive billing information. They follow best practices to ensure data protection, and their infrastructure is designed for reliability and uptime.


Connect seamlessly with platforms like Webflow, Stripe, Circle, Bettermode, Bubble, Xano, Slack and many others. With additional extensibility options via Zapier, Make, REST API, and Webhooks.