Pipedream No Code Automation Tool

Pipedream is a versatile integration platform built for connecting APIs with exceptional speed. It eliminates the need for writing boilerplate code, handling authentication, and managing infrastructure. Pipedream facilitates automating any process that involves APIs, giving developers the power to combine code-level control when required, with the simplicity of no-code solutions.

Key Features

  • Serverless Runtime and Workflow Service: Provides a seamless environment for executing workflows.
  • Rich Integration Capabilities: Includes source-available triggers and actions for hundreds of apps, and one-click OAuth and key-based authentication for over 1000 APIs.
  • Custom Code Execution: Run custom logic using Node.js v14, Python, Go, or Bash. It offers automatic installation of npm and pypi dependencies.
  • Data Stores: Maintain state between workflow executions with key-value databases.
  • Shared Workspaces: Create organizations for collaborative work in shared environments.
  • Managed Authentication: Support for 1300+ OAuth and key-based APIs. Pipedream handles the OAuth flow and token refresh seamlessly.
  • Custom HTTP Endpoints: Every workflow offers a unique URL that can act as an API endpoint, enabling custom logic and dynamic responses based on incoming HTTP requests.

Use Cases

  • Connecting SaaS apps
  • General API orchestration and automation
  • Database automations
  • Custom notifications and alerting
  • Mobile and JAMstack backends
  • Rate limiting and request smoothing
  • Event queueing and concurrency management
  • Webhook inspection and routing
  • Prototyping and demos

Pros and Cons


  • Offers a blend of code-level control and no-code solutions.
  • Pre-built components facilitate quick API integrations.
  • Wide range of integrations available, with components source-available on GitHub.
  • Real-time event inspection and state maintenance across executions.


  • May be overwhelming for complete beginners without any coding experience.


  • Free Tier ($0/mo): Suitable for individuals and teams starting with Pipedream. Offers 100 credits/day, unlimited workflows (with 5 active), 3 connected accounts, and more.
  • Basic ($19/mo): Aimed at those outgrowing the free limits. Offers 10,000 credits/month, run 20 active workflows, use 10 connected accounts, and more.
  • Advanced ($99/mo): Designed for those needing more power and flexibility. Provides 50,000 credits/month, unlimited active workflows, AI-generated code, and more.
  • Business ($499/mo): For larger teams with higher volume and compliance needs. Comes with 250,000 credits/month, premium support, virtual private clouds, single-sign on, and more.

You can check out their pricing page for more information about each plan to make the best decision for your business.

User Experience

With Pipedream, users can easily build workflows by choosing a trigger and adding the desired steps. Its intuitive design lets users test each step, validate changes, and even get autocomplete suggestions. The deployment process is seamless, running workflows 24/7 on Pipedream’s servers.

Customer Support

Pipedream offers a comprehensive set of resources including email support, a community forum, detailed documentation, blog posts, and tutorial videos to assist users.


Pipedream stands out with its ability to integrate with over a thousand APIs. The platform provides pre-built, source-available components, making API integrations swift. Plus, users have the flexibility to customize or extend these integrations as components are available on GitHub.