PortfolioBox no code Portfolio Website Builder

PortfolioBox is an online website builder designed specifically for creative professionals. It offers an array of features to showcase work in unique ways, ensuring that every portfolio stands out with originality and flair. This platform provides creatives the freedom to develop a diverse online presence, with over a million unique websites attributed to its robust capabilities.

Key Features

  • Customizability: Unlike typical platforms that restrict users to a single theme, PortfolioBox permits a distinct style for each page.
  • Galleries & Collections: Showcase designs in various layouts using dynamic and responsive templates.
  • Client Work Management: Handle projects, receive feedback, and deliver tasks all in one space.
  • Secure Viewing: Password-protected galleries allow clients to access ongoing projects securely.
  • Watermarking: Protect your work from unauthorized usage.
  • Adobe Lightroom Integration: Seamless uploading of images directly from Lightroom to galleries.
  • E-Commerce Capabilities: An easy-to-use shop setup with a 0% commission guarantee on sold items, ranging from prints and crafts to services.
  • Blogging: An image-based blog platform for increased audience engagement.

Use Cases

  • A photographer showcasing their latest shots.
  • An artist displaying their collection of artwork.
  • A model sharing her portfolio with prospective agencies.
  • A designer presenting their design projects and case studies.


  • Light ($3.5/month): Offers 50 images, 10 pages, 5 products, 25mb file sharing, SEO tools, custom CSS, image protection, SSL, unlimited bandwidth, and mobile optimization.
  • Pro ($9.5/month): Supports 500 images, 50 pages, 10 products, 50mb file sharing, a free custom domain, template customization, and 24/7 support. Includes all features from the Light plan and offers the first month free.
  • Pro Plus ($12.5/month): Expands to 1,000 images/pages/products, 5GB file sharing, removes the “Powered by Portfoliobox” link, and adds Adobe Lightroom integration. Maintains all Pro features and also provides the first month free.

For more information about their pricing, please visit the official PortfolioBox pricing page.

User Experience

Given its unique offering of different styles for every page, PortfolioBox prioritizes user experience. The platform’s intuitive gallery functionality ensures easy design, and as your portfolio grows, adding new galleries remains a breeze.

Customer Support

PortfolioBox offers extensive support options. Users can reach out through email, open chat, or send messages at their convenience. The platform promises 24/7 support to its users, ensuring any issues are promptly addressed.

Community and Learning Resources

A wide array of resources is at users’ disposal, including detailed articles and video guides that can help maximize the potential of their online portfolio.

Security and Reliability

It offers SSL certification, ensuring a high level of protection for its users and their content. The platform also includes features like image watermarking and password-protected galleries for added safety.


The standout integration for PortfolioBox is its complete compatibility with Adobe Lightroom. This integration significantly simplifies the workflow, especially for photographers who use Lightroom extensively.