ProWebScraper No Code Tool

ProWebScraper is a robust “No Code Web Scraping Tool” designed to empower individuals and businesses to scrape data on a large scale without the need to write code. It focuses on providing a seamless web scraping experience with the ability to configure scrapers easily for any website, ensuring data accuracy and scalability.

Key Features

  • Point and Click Selector: An intuitive interface where users simply point and click on desired data to extract it in seconds.
  • Custom Selector: For more complex websites, ProWebScraper allows users to craft custom extraction rules using xpath, CSS, and Regex selectors. This is handy for extracting hidden data or for more specific configuration needs.
  • Pagination: The ability to extract data from multiple pages by configuring the tool to recognize the “next page” button or link.
  • Chaining: Retrieve comprehensive data by linking list pages to their detailed counterparts.
  • URL Generator: Quickly generate multiple URLs using patterns found in page numbers or category names.
  • Data Access & Download Options: Download data in various formats including JSON, CSV, Excel, XML, and others. It also offers the capability to download high-quality images and documents. Additionally, the REST API integration facilitates clean data flow into business applications and visualization tools.
  • Scheduler: Automate web scraping tasks to run hourly, daily, or weekly.
  • Email Notification: Stay updated with email alerts on the completion, cancellation, or failure of data extraction tasks.

Use Cases

  • Online Marketplace & Classifieds: Ideal for scraping job postings, business listings, and reviews.
  • Retail & Manufacturing: Monitor competitor prices, MAP compliance, and more to stay ahead in the market.
  • Financial Services: Extract company, market data, financial statements, and market news for better trend predictions.
  • Real Estate & Hospitality: Aggregate massive amounts of property data, competitor prices, reviews, and ratings.
  • Sales & Marketing: Enhance lead generation and competitor analysis by scraping emails, phone numbers, locations, brand data, and social media details.
  • News & Media: Extract news, social media data, and open data from various sources for data-driven journalism.

Pros and Cons


  • Point-and-click functionality that makes web scraping an effortless exercise.
  • ProWebScraper can scrape 90% of internet websites with its robust features like automatic IP rotation, scraping data from js-rendered websites, and HTML tables.
  • ProWebScraper offers the lowest possible rates starting at $40 for scraping 5,000 pages.


  • Some users have reported that it takes quite a long time to load the system and sometimes fails to load it.
  • Some users may need to spend more time upfront learning the tool to use it to its fullest abilities.


ProWebScraper offers several pricing plans for their web scraping services. You can sign up for a free trial to test out their services before committing to a plan. Here are the details of their pricing plans:

  • Monthly Credits ($40-$1000/month): This plan allows you to scrape between 5,000 and 500,000 pages per month, depending on the number of credits you purchase. The cost is low, and you can pay monthly and cancel anytime. All features are included.
  • One-time/Persistent Credits ($50-$5000): This plan allows you to purchase a one-time or persistent credit package to scrape between 5,000 and 5,000,000 pages. All features are included.

In addition to these plans, ProWebScraper also offers a free trial that allows you to scrape up to 100 pages. They also provide a credit calculator to help you select the right number of credits for your needs.

You can check out their pricing page for more information about each plan to make the best decision for your business.

User Experience

ProWebScraper is designed to be intuitive. From point-and-click selectors to custom selectors for complex sites, users, even those without technical experience, can set up and execute their scraping tasks with ease.

Customer Support

ProWebScraper provides 24/7 support chat and email support, ensuring users have assistance whenever they need it.

Community and Learning Resources

ProWebScraper offers a rich set of resources to support its users. Their blog is a great place to explore a myriad of web scraping tips and tricks, helping users make the most of the tool. For those looking for immediate answers to their questions, the Help Center acts as a self-help guide, streamlining the learning process. Moreover, ProWebScraper provides detailed documentation that breaks down the functionalities and features of the tool, ensuring users have a comprehensive understanding of how to effectively use the platform.

Security and Reliability

ProWebScraper offers automated data delivery integrations with platforms like Amazon S3, DropBox, Microsoft Azure, Box, Google Cloud Storage, FTP, and other.


Thanks to its incredibly powerful and flexible REST API, ProWebScraper can integrate structured web data directly into various business processes, applications, or visualization tools.