Semplice no code Portfolio Website Builder

Semplice is a portfolio system based on WordPress, designed specifically for designers, creatives, and any other professionals aiming to showcase their work in a unique and impactful manner. It is built to provide an intuitive platform, which enables users to craft a unique online presence without needing a background in coding.

Key Features

  • Advanced Typography: Supports major font platforms, self-hosted fonts, and variable typefaces. Users can create personalized type systems.
  • Responsive Design: Ensures consistent presentation across all devices and breakpoints.
  • Customizable Branding: Each component, from individual pages to navigation elements, can be uniquely designed to align with the user’s brand.
  • Live Visual Editor: Offers real-time preview, ensuring what’s being designed is exactly how it will appear to site visitors.
  • Integrated Learning: On-page video tutorials guide users throughout the design process.
  • SEO Tools: Users can optimize titles, descriptions, and more without needing external plugins or tools.
  • Dynamic Grids: From portfolio displays to image galleries, the platform provides fluid grid designs, motion effects, and customizable page transitions.
  • Built-in Animations: Allows creation of hover effects, scroll-triggered animations, and more, all without coding.
  • Content Blocks: Users can save and reuse content sections for efficient site building.
  • Custom Code Support: For advanced users or those with specific needs, Semplice allows custom code to be added to pages.
  • Privacy Features: Users can password-protect specific pages or projects, ideal for drafts or exclusive content.
  • Customizable Blog: Beyond portfolios, the platform offers a tailorable blogging feature.
  • Night and Day Mode: Users can switch between modes, enhancing usability based on preference or environment.

Use Cases

  • Portfolio websites for designers, photographers, artists, and other creatives.
  • Blogs and personal sites for influencers and professionals.
  • Business sites with a need for custom branding and advanced features.


All pricing options are a one-time payment with no recurring monthly subscriptions.

  • Semplice Single License ($119): Ideal for individual creatives. It offers a content editor, full responsiveness, custom font sets, fullscreen cover, gallery slider, Dribbble and code modules, private projects, and more.
  • Semplice Studio License ($168): Designed for small studios and agencies. Includes everything in the Single License plus additional features like design with blocks, Instagram and MailChimp modules, advanced grids, and more.
  • Semplice Business License ($699): Suitable for larger ventures or those running multiple sites. Comes with all Studio edition features and allows use on up to 10 domains.

Note on Licensing: A Single or Studio Edition license is valid for one domain. The Business Edition covers up to 10 domains.

User Experience

With its visual content editor, Semplice offers a live preview ensuring what you design is what your visitors see. Its various integrations and features make it a versatile tool that can be tailored to the needs of its user, making the design process more intuitive and engaging.

Customer Support

The platform offers extensive documentation, tutorial videos, and a knowledge base to guide users. Additionally, they provide email support for any technical issues or questions.

Security and Reliability

Being built on WordPress, Semplice inherits the CMS’s security measures. It’s essential to keep both the Semplice theme and the WordPress installation updated to the latest versions for optimum security. As for reliability, since it’s a self-hosted solution, much depends on the user’s hosting provider.


Semplice integrates with major platforms like Unsplash, Mailchimp, Instagram, and Dribbble, offering a diverse range of tools and content sources.