Sidemail No Code Email

Sidemail presents itself as the ideal email platform for SaaS businesses. It simplifies the processes of creating, integrating, sending, automating, and analyzing emails. Designed to optimize the email communication processes, Sidemail ensures SaaS providers can focus on their core product, leaving their email management as effortless as brewing a cup of coffee.

Key Features

  • Transactional Emails via API: Enables effortless integration to send transactional emails like password resets or welcome messages directly from applications.
  • Product Updates & Newsletters: Utilize the Messenger feature to send product update emails, ensuring users are kept abreast of the latest developments.
  • Subscribers Management: A unified platform to manage all subscribers without the restriction of charging per subscriber. Plus, user-friendly subscribe forms make email list growth a breeze.
  • Email Automation: Automated emails and sequences can be triggered based on specific events, such as user sign-ups, thereby enhancing user engagement.
  • Customizable Email Design: In just five clicks, users can completely personalize their emails with logos, colors, and preferred fonts.
  • Easy Integration with Stripe: Seamless one-click integration to import customer emails from Stripe.
  • Development Tools: A no-code email editor is available for crafting reusable email templates.

Use Cases

  • SaaS platforms sending transactional emails.
  • Businesses communicating product updates to their users.
  • Companies looking for a centralized solution for subscriber management.
  • Brands aiming to engage users with automated email sequences.


Sidemail’s all-inclusive plan allows sending up to 1,000 emails per month, including access to their no-code email editor, API, unlimited projects, and all other features. It’s priced at $14.25/month when billed annually, or $19 on a monthly billing cycle.

User Experience

Sidemail places an emphasis on ease of use, from its simple email creation process to its automation capabilities. The provided tools, like the no-code email editor, ensure a smooth experience even for those without technical expertise.

Customer Support

Support avenues include email, articles, and comprehensive documentation, ensuring users have ample resources to resolve any potential issues.

Security and Reliability

Built upon the reliable Amazon AWS infrastructure, Sidemail guarantees scalable and trustworthy email delivery. By leveraging Amazon’s mail servers, users can be assured of consistent and dependable email delivery.


Sidemail provides integrations with many popular platforms, ensuring seamless workflows and automation. They also offer API access for more customized integrations.