Stackby No Code Tool

Stackby is a versatile no-code platform offering users the power to seamlessly merge the simplicity of spreadsheets with the capabilities of a robust relational database. Designed to enhance collaboration, automation, and data management, Stackby requires no coding expertise or extensive training. With Stackby, users can mold their data and workflows into customized solutions to meet their unique needs.

Key Features

  • More than a Spreadsheet: Despite its simplicity, Stackby can be transformed into a potent relational database, allowing imports from Excel or Google Sheets or starting from scratch with a custom template.
  • Custom No-Code Solutions: Boasting over 25 unique column data types, 6 different data views, and a marketplace of powerups, Stackby gives users extensive capabilities to design tailored no-code solutions.
  • Powerful Integration: Automate data pulling with columns linked to different services for real-time data refreshes.
  • Multiple Data Visualization Options: Choose from Grid, Kanban, Calendar, Gallery, and Forms to visualize and organize data.
  • Workflow Automation: Native integrations with popular apps like Slack, Zapier, Mailchimp, and n8n enable efficient workflow automation without any coding.
  • Pre-Built Templates: Stackby offers a range of templates suitable for various use cases, from basic project trackers to sophisticated API-driven workflows.

Use Cases

  • Marketing Campaign Management: Efficiently plan, manage, and automate campaigns, integrating third-party services for consolidated reporting.
  • Content Operations Management: Organize and oversee content workflows across teams, with integrated services for real-time reporting.
  • Custom Workflow Creation: Design tailored team workflows using the intuitive, spreadsheet-like no-code database software.
  • Personalized Database Design: Create custom, relational databases with the simplicity of a spreadsheet interface.
  • Recruitment Process Management: Streamline the entire hiring process, crafting bespoke workflows for HR teams using flexible recruitment database tools.

Pros and Cons


  • Flexible spreadsheet-style databases that are user-friendly.
  • No coding or training requirements.
  • Pre-built templates facilitate quick and easy setup.
  • Robust integration capabilities.
  • Multiple data views for enhanced visualization.


  • Might be overwhelming for users who are used to basic spreadsheet functions.
  • While it’s no-code, the plethora of options could have a slight learning curve for newcomers.


  • Free Plan: This plan is for users who want to try out Stackby’s features. It includes unlimited users, 10 stacks, 1,500 rows per stack, 2 GB attachment space per stack, and 1 app per stack.
  • Personal Plan: This plan costs $5 per user per month/workspace and is designed for single users and solopreneurs. It includes unlimited users, 15 stacks, 3,500 rows per stack, 4 GB attachment space per stack, and 1 app per stack.
  • Economy Plan: This plan costs $9 per user per month/workspace and is best for small teams, startups, and SMEs. It includes unlimited users, 25 stacks, 7,000 rows per stack, 6 GB attachment space per stack, and 3 apps per stack.
  • Business Plan: This plan costs $18 and is for businesses that need more advanced features. It includes unlimited users, 50 stacks, 50,000 rows per stack, 20 GB attachment space per stack, and 10 apps per stack. The pricing for this plan is not mentioned on the website.
  • Enterprise Plan: This is a custom plan and is for large enterprises that need even more advanced features. It includes unlimited users, 100 stacks, more rows per stack than the Business Plan, unlimited attachment space per stack, and more apps per stack than the Business Plan.

You can check out their pricing page for more information about each plan to make the best decision for your business.

User Experience

Stackby ensures a smooth user experience by allowing effortless transitions from familiar platforms like spreadsheets to a more robust database environment. The numerous customization options empower users to craft the platform to their liking, while the pre-built templates ensure they can hit the ground running.

Customer Support

Stackby offers a comprehensive support system for its users. From a self-serve knowledge base and help center that provides immediate answers to common queries, users can also reach out directly via in-app chat and email for more specific issues. Additionally, the community support offers shared insights and experiences, while the one-to-one training provides personalized guidance for those seeking deeper knowledge of the platform.

Community and Learning Resources

To ensure users make the most of Stackby, a wealth of resources is available. The help center offers immediate troubleshooting advice, while the blog provides insights into updates and best practices. Regular webinars and video tutorials deliver hands-on training, and eBooks give in-depth insights into specific features. Case studies showcase practical applications of Stackby in real-world scenarios, and the active community forum is a hub for users to discuss, share, and learn from one another.

Security and Reliability

  • Stackby emphasizes rigorous security, offering a bug bounty program for vulnerability detection.
  • The platform is GDPR-compliant, with clear data sub-processor information and user data export options.
  • Data is protected with 256-bit TLS and AES-256 encryption, and hosted on certified AWS global data centers.
  • Regular system updates, daily backups, and 35-day data restoration are in place.
  • User permissions are granular, with options like 2FA and Single Sign-On available.


Stackby stands out in its connectivity options, boasting over 50+ API connectors. This extensive integration capability is further expanded with a massive library of 5K+ app integrations, ensuring users can seamlessly connect Stackby with a vast array of third-party tools and services, enhancing their workflow and automation possibilities.

Notable integrations include Slack, Zapier, Mailchimp, and n8n.