Stripe no code payment solution

Stripe is a fintech company that provides a range of payment processing solutions for businesses of all sizes. Its services allow you to accept payments, manage subscriptions, and handle other financial transactions directly on your website or mobile app. With its robust API and suite of developer tools, Stripe simplifies complex payment flows. Its vision is to simplify money movement and make it as programmable as data.

Key Features

  • Unified Payments: Accept credit cards, debit cards, and popular global payment methods.
  • Business Operations: Tools for reconciliation, reporting, and efficient operational management.
  • Invoice and Billing: Automated recurring billing and invoicing.
  • Cards: Issue virtual and physical cards.
  • Fraud and Dispute Management: Features like Stripe’s Radar offer integrated solutions to manage risk.
  • Financial Products: Features like financing and business spend management.
  • Low- and No-code Options: Prebuilt forms and no-code options for simpler implementation.
  • Connect: A solution for marketplaces and platforms to accept payments, pay out to third parties, and manage complex financial flows.
  • Atlas: Business incorporation and management suite for startups.
  • Global Payments: Supports 135+ currencies and local payment methods.
  • Financial Reporting: Real-time reporting and financial reconciliation.

Use Cases

  • E-commerce Websites: For handling one-time payments and subscriptions.
  • SaaS Platforms: To manage monthly or yearly subscriptions.
  • Marketplaces: For accepting payments and disbursing funds to sellers.
  • Nonprofits: For collecting donations.
  • B2B and B2C Businesses: Handle one-time or recurring payments, whether selling to businesses or consumers.
  • Mobile Applications: Accept payments in iOS and Android apps.


Stripe operates mainly on a pay-as-you-go pricing model, with rates dependent on the volume and nature of the transactions.

  • Pay-as-you-go: 2.9% + 30¢ per successful transaction.
  • Customized Plans: Custom pricing available for businesses with high volume of payments.
  • Additional Features: Some advanced features like Radar come with their own pricing.

For more information about their pricing, please visit the official Stripe pricing page.

User Experience

Stripe provides an intuitive, user-friendly dashboard and a wide array of client and server libraries, covering everything from React and PHP to .NET and iOS. It allows businesses to create perfect checkout experiences, customized to match their brand. The platform also offers prebuilt payment forms and low-to-no code solutions for quick setup.

Customer Support

Stripe offers comprehensive support through email, chat, and phone, available 24/7. The Support Center contains additional resources for troubleshooting and implementation guidance.

Community and Learning Resources

Stripe provides various resources for learning and community engagement:

  • Guides and Documentation: Comprehensive API documentation and tutorials.
  • Customer Stories and Blog: Insightful articles and customer testimonials.
  • Developer Community: Live chat on the official Stripe Discord for developer interactions.

Security and Reliability

Stripe ensures a high level of security by complying with industry-standard protocols, including PCI DSS. Its fraud prevention tool, “Fraud and Disputes,” has an 89% chance of recognizing a card, even if it’s new to your business. Data encryption and two-factor authentication are among its security features. The platform is known for its reliability, boasting a 99.9% uptime.


  • API-based Integration: Extensive client and server libraries in various programming languages.
  • Prebuilt Integrations: Connects with platforms like Adobe, Salesforce, and NetSuite.
  • Additional Platforms: Shopify, Freshbooks, Typeform, WooCommerce, QuickBooks, and more.


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