Tangram no code marketplace builder

Tangram is a pioneering no-code platform integrated with Webflow, enabling users to create scalable and aesthetically pleasing apps, from marketplaces to directories. Merging speed with customization, it offers a seamless transition from vision to a dynamic online presence without the complexities of coding.

Key Features

  • Design & Customization: Build an app without compromise using the Webflow environment.
  • Templates: Kickstart your project with pre-made Webflow templates tailored for various marketplace needs.
  • Commonly Used Features: Tangram has pre-built essential marketplace features to expedite your business’s digital transformation, including User Portals, Monetization, Communication, Scheduling, Search/Filtering, and Reviews.
  • Diverse Marketplace Options: Users can create a variety of marketplaces, from service, class, event, job, rental, to product marketplaces.
  • Directories: Build directories such as Job Boards, Resource Lists, User Directories, and Listing Directories, enhancing user interactivity and business offerings.

Use Cases

Tangram is optimal for anyone aiming to create a Webflow-powered marketplace, directory, client portal, booking platform, or job platform, without delving into the complexities of coding.


Sign up for a 7-day free trial, and Tangram will deliver a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to you within 24 hours. During the trial period, you can collaborate with a Tangram Expert to refine your MVP at no cost. Once the trial ends, you can choose whether to continue with a subscription.

Full Access Plan: Priced at $150/month, this plan grants users unrestricted access to all features and integrations. Additionally, customers can communicate directly with Tangram Experts via Slack, ensuring rapid responses, typically in under 5 minutes.

Boosted Plans: For those seeking extra assistance, Tangram provides boosted plans to add fractional development support:

  • Small Boost: For an additional $300/month, you get up to 4 hours with a Tangram Expert and an hour with a project manager.
  • Medium Boost: At $600/month extra, you’re entitled to 10 hours with a Tangram Expert and 2 hours with a project manager.
  • Big Boost: For a premium of $960/month, you can utilize 20 hours with a Tangram Expert and 4 hours with a dedicated project manager.

You can check out their pricing page for more information about each plan to make the best decision for your business.

User Experience

With its Webflow-powered foundation, Tangram ensures a seamless, user-friendly experience. The tool emphasizes speed, eliminating hassle and steep learning curves. Its pre-made templates make it easier for beginners to get started, while still offering enough depth for seasoned creators.

Customer Support

Tangram offers direct email assistance for queries and challenges, real-time Slack support with Tangram Experts responding in under 5 minutes, introductory “Get Started” guides for newcomers, in-depth tutorials for platform functionalities, and a regularly updated blog with insights and best practices.


Tangram boasts an impressive array of integration capabilities, connecting with popular platforms and tools like:

  • Forms: Typeform
  • Marketing: Customer.io, Facebook Pixel, Mailchimp
  • Analytics: Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio, FullStory, Google Analytics, Hotjar
  • Databases: Airtable
  • Security: Cloudflare
  • Maps/Navigation: Google Maps
  • Customer Support: Drift, Intercom
  • Scheduling: Google Calendar
  • Automation: Zapier
  • Communications: Zoom, Twilio
  • Front-end: Webflow
  • Payments: Stripe