no code iot tool is a comprehensive cloud IoT platform that empowers users to design and deploy IoT applications seamlessly. It’s tailored to cater to projects of all sizes and industries, providing the infrastructure needed for effective device management, data visualization, and integration without coding.

Key Features

  • Seamless Device Connectivity: supports a wide range of devices and standards, such as IOTMP, MQTT, LoraWAN, Sigfox, OPC-UA, Satellite, NB-IoT, etc.
  • Custom Dashboards: Users can create real-time and historical data visualization dashboards using drag and drop functionality, eliminating the need for code.
  • Advanced Data Management: Offers cloud storage for data and file storage for features such as HTML widgets or OTA systems.
  • Geofencing: Users can set virtual boundaries for devices, tracking assets, and receiving custom alerts.
  • White Labeling & Branding: Customize the platform’s appearance with your own domain, logo, and brand.
  • IoT Marketplace: Extend platform capabilities with plugins to address specific project requirements.
  • Role-Based Access Control: Provides the ability to define roles and access levels, ensuring the right people access the right data.
  • Private Cloud & On-Premise Hosting: can be deployed flexibly to suit specific project needs, either in a private cloud or directly on-premise.
  • Project & Asset Management: Organize assets and deployments according to projects, and share them with relevant stakeholders.
  • Alert System: Create custom alerts based on real-time device data.
  • OTA Updates: Remotely send firmware updates to devices over the internet, integrated with Visual Studio Code for seamless development.
  • Workflow Customization: Implement business logic using a visual low-code interface for automations, alerts, or custom KPIs.

Use Cases is versatile, catering to various industries including:

  • Smart Cities: Efficiently manage and monitor city infrastructure.
  • Agrotech: Enhance agricultural processes with real-time data.
  • Smart Building: Optimize building management and energy consumption.
  • Asset Management: Track, monitor, and optimize assets.
  • Industrial IoT: Advanced solutions for industrial machinery and processes.
  • Fleet Tracking: Monitor and manage fleet in real-time.
  • Smart Water: Efficient water management solutions.


  • Community: Free, ideal for testing, includes 2 devices, basic features, and community support.
  • Maker: €8/month, suitable for makers, includes 25 devices, MQTT support, and more.
  • Private Cloud: Ranges from €45/month (Small) to €319/month (Large) with increasing features for businesses of different scales.
  • On-Premise: Install in your infrastructure, pricing starts at €1,999/year.

Each plan comes with its unique set of features tailored to specific needs. For a detailed breakdown, it’s best to visit the official website.

User Experience

From sensors to dashboards, promises a seamless experience. With an intuitive interface and features like custom dashboards, users can visualize data in real-time without needing to code. The platform’s adaptability ensures it fits any project requirement.

Customer Support offers a rich knowledge base and detailed documentation for self-guided assistance. Users can directly contact the support team via email or by submitting a ticket. An active community forum further enhances support, where the team promptly addresses user queries and concerns.

Security and Reliability

With features like role-based access control and private cloud offerings, ensures data security and platform reliability. Furthermore, the platform supports various IoT standards, ensuring secure and stable device connectivity.

Integration boasts vast integration capabilities. Connect any IoT device, be it via IOTMP, MQTT, LoraWAN, Sigfox, and more. The platform is also compatible with Arduino, embedded Linux, and provides a REST API for broader integration.