ThingSpeak no code iot tool

ThingSpeak is an advanced IoT analytics platform service designed specifically for aggregating, visualizing, and analyzing live data streams in the cloud. Designed with a keen focus on IoT projects, ThingSpeak allows users to efficiently send data from their devices, offers immediate visualization of real-time data, and provides capabilities to set alerts.

Key Features

  • Data Collection: Supports collection of data from various IoT devices and protocols.
  • Data Analysis: Rich analytics and visualization capabilities powered by MATLAB.
  • Data Sharing: Ability to collect data in private channels and share via public channels.
  • APIs: Supports both RESTful and MQTT APIs.
  • App Integrations: Seamlessly transform, visualize, and act on data. Examples include ThingTweet to connect devices to Twitter and ThingHTTP for easier device communication with web services.
  • Event Scheduling: Schedule events based on data and other triggers.
  • Alerts: Trigger alerts based on data patterns or conditions.
  • MATLAB Analytics: Explore, transform, and visualize data using MATLAB.
  • Plugins: Display data in gauges, charts, or design custom plugins.

Use Cases

  • Education: ThingSpeak is extensively used by students and educators for implementing IoT research projects, leveraging its built-in MATLAB data analysis tools.
  • Environmental Monitoring: Enables the creation of IoT services to remotely monitor air quality, and even develop MATLAB models predicting pollution levels.
  • Energy Monitoring: Helps in constructing IoT applications for energy consumption tracking and producing MATLAB models for power identification and load forecasting.
  • Smart Farming: Facilitates the development of applications for remotely monitoring farm sensors, and crafting MATLAB models to enhance crop yields while minimizing costs.


ThingSpeak offers a free tier for small, non-commercial projects with a limit of up to 3 million messages/year. For larger requirements or commercial endeavors, they have four primary paid licenses, each tailored for specific user groups:

  • Standard License: Starts from USD 710.00/year, tailored for commercial, government, or organizational use.
  • Academic License: Starts from USD 275.00/year, intended for academic research and teaching at degree-granting institutions.
  • Student License: Available at USD 79.00/year, meant for students enrolled in courses at degree-granting institutions.
  • Home License: Priced at USD 95.00/year, designed for personal use and not recommended for organizational, academic, or commercial purposes.

Each license operates on a unit-based system, with one unit accommodating up to 33 million messages annually.

You can check out their pricing page for more information about each plan to make the best decision for your business.

User Experience

With a strong backbone of MATLAB analytics, ThingSpeak offers a rich user experience. The platform caters to both beginners and professionals, providing tools and features that simplify complex tasks such as data analysis, visualization, and triggering actions based on data conditions.

Customer Support

ThingSpeak offers a comprehensive suite of customer support options to cater to its user needs. This includes Email Support for direct communication, a Community Forum where users can exchange knowledge and address common issues, Tutorials that provide step-by-step guidance on platform features, Documentation for in-depth understanding of functionalities, and a regularly updated Blog to keep users informed on the latest features and insights.

Security and Reliability

ThingSpeak places a premium on security, especially given that it handles data from IoT devices which can sometimes be sensitive. Features like SSL, secure data storage, and regular security audits ensure data protection. In terms of reliability, being backed by MathWorks gives ThingSpeak a solid infrastructure backbone.


ThingSpeak easily integrates with various IoT protocols and devices. It also offers APIs that developers can use to integrate with other platforms and tools, ensuring a seamless data flow across systems.