Tidio Chatbot Builder

Tidio is a communication tool that combines live chat, chatbots, and email marketing to streamline interaction between businesses and their customers. Predominantly known for its live chat feature, Tidio also offers a no-code chatbot builder that allows businesses to set up automated responses and actions to enhance customer support and lead generation.

Key Features

  • Tidio offers 35+ chatbot templates for various business functions like sales, support, and customer service.
  • Real-time live chat with behavioral-based product recommendations.
  • Email ticketing system for managing customer requests.
  • Tidio chatbots are designed to automatically collect and qualify leads, offer personalized messages and discounts, recommend complementary products, and provide automated discounts to reduce cart abandonment.
  • Multi-channel messaging (integrates with Facebook Messenger, email, etc.).
  • Integrations with major platforms like Shopify, WordPress, Hubspot, and more.

Use Cases

  • Automating customer inquiries and FAQs.
  • Engaging website visitors proactively.
  • Lead generation and qualification.
  • Providing real-time order status updates.
  • Increasing average order value with product recommendations.
  • Offering discounts and promotions to reduce cart abandonment.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy drag-and-drop chatbot builder.
  • Integration with various eCommerce and business platforms.
  • Comprehensive AI assistance for faster customer support.
  • A range of templates for different chatbot functions.
  • Option for Tidio to set up chatbots for the business.


  • Advanced features may require premium plans.
  • Limited customization in the free version.
  • Might not cater to very complex bot workflows compared to dedicated bot platforms.


  • Forever Free: Priced at $0, offering real-time chats and limited automation capabilities.
  • Paid Plans: Starting from $29/month, this plan provides access to enhanced chatbot capabilities and better chat limits.
  • Custom: Priced from $394/month, businesses receive tailored advice, dedicated success management, and custom workflow development.

You can check out their pricing page for more information about each plan to make the best decision for your business.

User Experience

With Tidio, businesses can enjoy a simplified chatbot creation process. Whether starting from scratch or using one of the 35+ chatbot templates, the drag-and-drop builder ensures a user-friendly experience. Plus, Tidio’s integrated live chat and ticketing system further improve the customer service process.

Customer Support

They provide live chat support for real-time assistance and have a responsive email support system.

Tidio offers a unique approach, providing a Tidio+ plan where their Customer Success team actively assists businesses in creating custom chatbot workflows tailored to their needs.

Community and Learning Resources

They provide insightful case studies that highlight real-world applications of their platform, which can be a valuable reference for businesses looking to optimize their use of Tidio. For those keen on staying updated with industry trends, best practices, and other relevant topics, the blog section is a must-visit. Additionally, if users encounter challenges or have specific queries regarding the platform, Tidio’s Help Center is a comprehensive repository of articles and guides designed to assist in navigating the platform’s features and functionalities.

Security and Reliability

Tidio places a high priority on data security and complies with GDPR regulations. They employ SSL encryption for data in transit and have multiple security layers to protect user data. They also boast a high uptime, ensuring businesses have reliable access to their services.


One of Tidio’s strengths is its ability to integrate with a wide range of platforms and tools. From e-commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce to CRM tools like HubSpot and Mailchimp, Tidio ensures businesses can sync their chat functionalities with their existing tools seamlessly.


Based on the chatbot focus, potential alternatives might include platforms like Manychat, Botsify, Landbot, and Flow XO.