UniteAR No Code AR Builder

UniteAR is a groundbreaking augmented reality (AR) platform, acclaimed as the world’s first of its kind, enabling users to create white-labeled AR Apps, WebAR plugins, and immersive AR experiences without any coding knowledge. The platform is entirely online and DIY, tailored to be design-friendly, allowing for complete customization.

Key Features

  • Image Detection and Tracking: Users can craft image-based AR experiences by uploading 2D images, enhancing them with various digital content types such as 3D models, videos, 360-degree content, GIFs, actionable buttons, and audio.
  • Image Detection with QR: Offers AR experiences without constraints on image quality, as it uses an auto-generated QR code placed on the tracker image.
  • WebAR with Image Detection: Deliver AR experiences via a simple weblink. Users can load the link directly or scan the QR code to access a WebAR-based scanner and interact with the pre-designed image content.
  • Ground Plane Tracking WebAR: Recognizes surfaces such as floors and tabletops, letting users place digital content on them. It primarily supports 3D models and videos.
  • App Customization: Empowers users to design and personalize their AR Apps, integrating logos, icons, templates, and specific menus linking to their websites.
  • Quick App Launch: Simplifies the app launch process, allowing users to release their apps on iOS and Android swiftly.

Use Cases

  • E-commerce & Retail: Enhance shopping experiences.
  • Training & Support: Leverage AR for training modules.
  • Advertisement & Marketing: Augment marketing campaigns for higher impact.
  • Education: Revolutionize classrooms and learning materials.
  • Publishing & Books: Augment reading materials for a richer experience.
  • Museums & Art Galleries: Reinvent the visitor experience.

Pros and Cons


  • Simplified platform suitable for users without a technical background.
  • Eliminates licensing fees, making it an economical choice for AR App creation.
  • Personalize and brand the app without external branding.


  • Might not be suitable for complex AR projects that require a lot of customization.


  • 14-Day Free Trial: Once you register and verify, you’ll immediately get full access to all of UniteAR’s premium features for 14 days. It’s a perfect opportunity for you to dive deep into the AR experience and see if it aligns with what you’re looking for.
  • Starter Plan ($59/month): Includes 100 AR views/month, 5 target images, access to the free version of AR App and WebAR scanner, and email support.
  • Business Plan ($199/month): Offers 1000 AR views/month, 15 target images, custom WebAR URL creator, white-labelled AR App creator, and email support.
  • Enterprise Plan (Custom Pricing): Provides custom AR views, target images, WebAR and AR Apps, unique features, with dedicated product support and training.
  • Special Pricing ($899/year): A unique plan for educators and artists, including 3,000 views and 50 target images annually.

You can check out their pricing page for more information about each plan to make the best decision for your business.

User Experience

The platform emphasizes ease of use, customization, and swift app launches. Its design-friendly nature indicates a commitment to user-friendliness.

Community and Learning Resources

  • AR Templates: Streamline projects with customizable designs.
  • Tutorials: Master AR with guided step-by-step content.
  • Blog: Harness insights from industry experts and stay updated.
  • FAQ: Find quick answers to common questions.