Unito No Code Integration Tool

Unito is a powerful no-code platform designed to automate workflows and synchronize tasks between popular work management tools. With its two-way integration feature, teams can stay aligned in real-time, ensuring everyone can work in their tool of choice without missing out on crucial updates.

Key Features

  • Deep Integration: Unito integrates with an expansive list of tools including Asana, Trello, Google Sheets, Notion, Airtable, and many more, ensuring smooth workflow across platforms.
  • Bidirectional Sync: Unlike many integrations that offer only one-way data transfer, Unito ensures two-way synchronization. This ensures that changes made in one app are automatically reflected across connected platforms in real-time, based on the user’s customized settings.
  • Customizable Workflows: Users have a plethora of customization options:
    • Field Mapping: Ability to direct data from one field into another, ensuring that the right information is always available in the desired location.
    • Custom Rules: Users can set precise rules determining which data will sync, and how.
    • Comment Syncing: Keeps feedback loops efficient by ensuring comments are synced across platforms.
    • Custom Field Syncing: Allows syncing based on bespoke fields, regardless of how customized the original software is.
  • Attachment Streaming: This feature permits users to view crucial attachments without leaving their chosen platform.
  • Hierarchical Organization: Provides the flexibility to structure and synchronize work across platforms, even for complex projects.
  • Draft and Test Workflows: Users can save unfinished workflows to complete later or test them out before launch, ensuring that everything functions as intended.
  • Duplicate Flows: Offers the convenience of duplicating set workflows for use by different teams or for different purposes.
  • Enhanced Permissions: Comprehensive permission options ensure that only authorized individuals can access workspace settings.
  • Workflow Status Monitoring: Users can easily check the health of their workflows. Error messages provide actionable feedback, simplifying troubleshooting.
  • Automated conflict resolution: In cases where there’s a data discrepancy between systems, Unito resolves it automatically.

Use Cases

  • Bridging communication between development and non-development teams by syncing Jira with Trello or Asana.
  • Project managers overseeing projects across various platforms.
  • Cross-department collaboration, ensuring everyone stays updated no matter the tool they use.


Unito is a platform that helps you keep your work in sync. They offer several pricing plans, each with different features and capabilities. Here is a summary of their pricing plans:

  • Basic: This plan costs $24 per month. It allows you to sync one tool with every other tool, with unlimited changes and basic fields. Updates occur every 15 minutes, and support is self-serve.
  • Pro: This plan costs $198 per month. It allows you to sync one tool with every other tool, with unlimited fields (native and custom), sub-items, and checklists. Updates occur every 5 minutes, and support is available via chat and email.
  • Business: This plan costs $769 per month. It allows for unlimited tool combinations, workspace permissions, a 1-week activity stream, live CSM coaching, and real-time updates. You can contact their sales team for more information.
  • Enterprise: This plan is custom-priced and allows for custom items in sync, unlimited tool combinations, unlimited workspaces, advanced security, contract tailoring, custom integrations and reporting, and dedicated resources. You can contact their sales team for more information.

You can find more detailed information about each plan’s features on the Unito pricing page.

User Experience

Unito prioritizes simplicity with its self-serve, no-code interface. It allows users to easily craft their ideal workflow, test it, and edit on the go, all without the need for assistance from IT. The point-and-click platform makes building and testing workflows straightforward, ensuring users get the desired outcomes without complications.

Customer Support

Unito offers dedicated support through both email and in-app chat, ensuring that users have prompt access to solutions when they encounter issues. Their dedicated product specialists are also on standby to offer insights and assistance as needed.

Community and Learning Resources

  • Walkthroughs: Detailed guides to help users understand and navigate the platform.
  • Case Studies: Real-world examples showcasing how Unito has made a difference for businesses.
  • Blog: Regular updates, tips, and insights on making the most of Unito.
  • Help Center: A comprehensive database of frequently asked questions, troubleshooting tips, and more.
  • Videos: Visual guides and tutorials.
  • Live Sessions and Webinars: Opportunities to join weekly live sessions or watch webinars to delve deeper into what Unito offers.

Security and Reliability

Unito prioritizes data protection with features like HTTPS data encryption, OAuth2 authentication, and SSO support. The platform operates on a private network in Amazon’s US AWS data centers, providing threat detection and rapid incident response.