Wia.io no code iot tool

Wia is a comprehensive IoT Cloud platform that enables companies and engineers to seamlessly build, connect, and deploy Internet of Things solutions at scale. With a focus on handling the intricacies of cloud infrastructure, Wia offers a globally available cloud API that allows devices to interact and communicate effortlessly, simplifying the complexities of IoT development.

Key Features

  • Device Flexibility: Capability to connect any device that can access the internet, including development boards like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP8266, and more.
  • Comprehensive APIs: Support for a wide range of APIs including REST, MQTT, and CoAP. Plus, native SDKs are available for popular IoT programming languages such as Node.js, Python, C, and Java.
  • Universal Device Integration: Ability to bind devices with the Wia Cloud that are already connected to the internet through different mediums. This includes devices communicating via Sigfox, The Things Network, Wi-Fi, cellular, Bluetooth, or NB-IoT, all using Wia’s universal language for devices.
  • Applications Development: Wia provides tools to develop mobile and web applications, enabling interaction with devices from anywhere globally. They support iOS, Android, and Web app development.
  • Data Visualization & Analytics: Utilize easy-to-use widgets to visualize data, including text, images, maps, and charts. Build custom dashboards for bespoke end-user experiences.
  • Flow Builder: A real-time IoT rules engine that requires no programming experience. Set up triggers, interface with services, configure logic, and activate actions.

Use Cases

  • Smart Device Management: From home automation devices to industrial sensors, easily integrate and manage them with Wia.
  • Data Monitoring & Analytics: Visualize and analyze data from IoT devices in real-time.
  • App Integration: Incorporate IoT capabilities into mobile and web apps.
  • Device Interactions: Use the platform to make devices communicate and interact seamlessly, regardless of the communication medium (Wi-Fi, cellular, Bluetooth, or NB-IoT).


The pricing for Wia is €2.99 per device per month. For more detailed pricing information, visit their official pricing page.

User Experience

Wia emphasizes simplifying the complexities of IoT, aiming for a streamlined and intuitive user experience. From device management to data visualization, users find it easy to navigate and implement IoT solutions.

Customer Support

Wia provides a variety of support channels including email, a dedicated community, and a blog filled with insightful articles and updates.

Security and Reliability

With enterprise-grade security as standard, Wia ensures that users get the best security features by default. They proactively handle IoT security concerns and have a cloud platform distributed across global data centers, ensuring both safety and proximity for device communications.


Wia supports a wide range of devices, from popular development boards like Arduino and Raspberry Pi to custom boards. Through its “Spaces” feature, it ensures smooth communication between different device types using a universal language, regardless of their communication protocol. The platform offers diverse APIs such as REST, MQTT, and CoAP, complemented by native SDKs in languages like Node.js and Python. Moreover, integrating third-party services is streamlined with Wia, whether for data storage, notifications, or using Webhooks to connect to other platforms.