Xano No Code Backend Database Builder

Xano is a comprehensive no-code backend development tool that provides users with a suite of robust functionalities. Designed to simplify backend operations, it allows for the rapid deployment of scalable backends with advanced database and API capabilities.

Key Features

  • Quick Backend Launch: Launch an entire backend setup within minutes.
  • No-Code API Creator: Comprehensive no-code capabilities paired with Lambda function support.
  • Flexible Database: PostgreSQL-powered database offering both relational and non-relational structures without record limits.
  • Import Data with Ease: From industry-leading CSV import functions to easy Airtable base transfers.
  • Advanced Search and Data Handling: From fuzzy searches to indexing, data retrieval is optimized for speed and precision.
  • Scalability: Docker and Kubernetes orchestration ensure a scalable environment.
  • Team Collaboration Tools: Real-time collaboration capabilities including branching, merging, and API drafts.
  • Connectivity: Integrate with any tool with an API and work with both RESTful and GraphQL endpoints.
  • Developer Tools: Features like Redis Caching, Lambda functions, and Sidecar Docker Microservices.
  • Automated Workflows: Setup CRON jobs for automated workflow executions.
  • Addon Integration: Extend API responses with additional data, similar to GraphQL.
  • Automated Documentation: API endpoints automatically documented in Swagger (OpenAPI).

Use Cases

  • Rapid Backend Development: Create scalable backend infrastructures for applications without diving into code.
  • Data Management: Transition from basic spreadsheets to an advanced PostgreSQL database system.
  • Integrative Solutions: Pull or push data from/to various platforms using APIs, enriching your application’s capabilities.

Pros and Cons


  • Comprehensive backend solution with extensive no-code functionalities.
  • High scalability ensures the tool grows with user demands.
  • Team collaboration features enhance development lifecycle efficiency.


  • Customization limitations for intricate applications.
  • A learning curve for users unfamiliar with backend operations.


Xano offers several pricing plans for its no-code backend development platform. Here are the details of their pricing plans:

  • Build: This is a free plan that includes 1 workspace, a no-code API builder, a rate-limited API, 10,000 total records, image upload (watermarked), an extension and snippet marketplace, and live weekly office hours.
  • Launch: This plan costs $59 per month. It includes everything in the Build plan plus 3 workspaces, 10GB of media storage, no record limit, 3GB of database storage, no rate limit API, 5 background tasks, Lambdas (JavaScript business logic), 3 schema versions.
  • Scale: This plan costs $199 per month. It includes everything in the Launch plan plus increased API CPU (3x compared to Launch), increased database CPU (3x compared to Launch), load balancing, 5 workspaces, 50GB of media storage, no record limit, 10GB of database storage, 15 background tasks with sub-minute frequencies, 20 schema versions, test data sources, API versioning via branches, comprehensive data caching via Redis, a team size of 3 and the ability to increase plan limits.
  • Enterprise: This is a custom plan that includes everything in the Scale plan plus direct database access, auto-scaling options, flexible hosting options, sidecar Docker containers, priority support & training and monitoring. You can book a demo to learn more about this plan.

You can check out their pricing page for more information about each plan to make the best decision for your business.

User Experience

Xano offers an intuitive platform, promising a swift transition from spreadsheets to sophisticated databases. While user-friendly for those with a basic grasp of backend operations, those new to the field might need some time to familiarize themselves with the interface and terminologies.

Customer Support

Xano is known for its active community and responsive customer support. They offer various channels, including documentation, email support, and more.

Community and Learning Resources

Xano offers a range of resources to assist users:

  • Blog: Regular updates and insights.
  • Documentation: Detailed guides and explanations.
  • Videos: Visual tutorials for better understanding.
  • Community: An active user community for shared experiences and troubleshooting.
  • FAQ: Quick answers to common queries.

Security and Reliability

Security is paramount for Xano. With compliance to top industry standards, data encryption at rest, SSL transmissions, and regular security checks, Xano ensures user data remains secure and the platform is reliable.


Integration capabilities are vast with Xano. From basic CSV and Airtable imports to API connectors and SDKs, users can connect Xano to a variety of platforms and tools.


While Xano provides an exhaustive backend solution, there are alternatives like Backendless, Directual, and Airtable that users might also consider.