Zap Works

ZapWorks No Code AR Builder

ZapWorks offers a comprehensive environment for creating, managing, and publishing augmented reality (AR) experiences. Designed as a complete AR ecosystem, it caters to users across the spectrum, from no-code enthusiasts to full-blown developers. The platform aims to make AR content creation seamless and impactful without necessitating apps, downloads, or advanced coding.

Key Features

  • Zapworks Designer: A drag-and-drop interface designed for those who want to create AR without delving into the intricacies of coding.
  • Zapworks Studio: Offers a balance between a visual user interface and a coding editor, providing complete creative control for AR content creation.
  • Universal AR SDK: Provides best-in-class computer vision libraries for platforms such as Three.js, Babylon.js, JavaScript, React-Three.js, and more.
  • Unity SDK: Allows users to deploy AR experiences using the popular 3D game engine, Unity, both on apps and web environments.
  • Tracking Capabilities: Features world tracking for anchoring AR visuals in the real environment, image tracking for overlaying content on products, and face tracking for creating realistic facial animations.

Use Cases

  • Marketing & Branding: Engage customers with unique WebAR experiences, including overlaying content on products or packaging.
  • Gaming: Use world tracking to create interactive mini-games.
  • Education & Training: Provide lifelike volumetric video and avatars for immersive learning.

Pros and Cons


  • Comprehensive suite for all skill levels, from novices to professionals.
  • Wide range of tracking capabilities, ensuring realistic AR experiences.
  • Enterprise-grade solutions for large-scale projects.


  • Some users might find the multitude of tools overwhelming.
  • Pricing might be on the higher side for small businesses or individuals.


  • Starter: Priced at $68/month, ideal for those looking to delve into AR.
  • Pro: At $458/month, it offers more advanced capabilities for seasoned AR strategists.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing for industry leaders with large-scale needs.

It’s noteworthy that ZapWorks provides a 14-day free trial, allowing users to test the toolkit. However, the trial shouldn’t be used for public-facing projects.

User Experience

The user interface of ZapWorks is designed to be intuitive, allowing for drag-and-drop functionalities, especially in the Designer tool. While beginners might find the Studio environment more challenging, with its comprehensive features, ZapWorks provides ample resources to ease the learning curve.

Community and Learning Resources

  • Training: ZapWorks offers specialized AR training, led by industry experts, to equip teams with the skills required for AR.
  • Documentation & Tutorials: A comprehensive guide to explore the depth of ZapWorks.
  • Webinars: Regularly hosted live sessions, with archives available for users to access past webinars.
  • Discord Community: A platform for users to share experiences, seek answers, and connect with XR pioneers.
  • Blog: Provides updates, insights, and latest trends in AR.